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How to choose a name for the child (boy or girl) and which options are well combined with the surname and patronymic

How to choose the right name for a child: we select beautiful combinations of names with a surname and a patronymic

Parents, thinking about how to choose the right name for the child, try to take into account all possible nuances. The procedure should be approached with all responsibility, because at this moment the fate of a person is chosen.

How to choose a name for the child (boy or girl) and which options are well combined with the surname and patronymic

Usually, already from the moment of receiving the results of the pregnancy test, future parents make up a list of possible names for their child. They do not yet know the sex, but pre-program the future of an unborn person.

But there are those who simply do not know how to approach such a responsible decision. In this case, you need to address your preferences. The next of kin is recommended to make a choice together so that the baby’s name does not turn into an endless torture for the mother or father who will keep the offense for the rest of their days for not listening to their opinion.

Most often, the choice is influenced by the following factors:

  1. Consonance of the name with the surname and patronymic. Trying to taste this or that combination, it is enough to choose a pleasant combination for hearing.
  2. Nationality. Choosing only among traditional names, you can reduce the number of options.
  3. Experience of communication with others. It’s easy to see that people with similar names have much in common. Taking into account your environment, you can predict how the baby will behave in the future, and focus on this indicator.
  4. Memory. It is possible to name a crumb in honor of this or that ancestor or historical figure. It is important to take into account that parents and knowledgeable people themselves will subconsciously expect the manifestation of the characteristics of the character of another person in the child.
  5. Religion. For religious people, whole rituals are created that remove the problem of choice. It is enough to turn to the saints or the spiritual instructor, so that he prompts that naming that will best correspond to a person from a religious point of view.
  6. Magic. Astrology and numerology also offer their own approaches. To do this, you will have to do a little research, but as a result, you can try to make the fate of a little person happier thanks to the help of the stars and mystical forces.
  7. Meaning of the name. The meaning, embedded in a certain set of letters, will create a kind of reference for a person in the future.
  8. Favorite heroes and characters. Such names in most cases are quite unusual and original.

Also, in some mystical teachings and religions, two or more names are assumed. One is used for others, the rest - for family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Additional nicknames reflect already manifested personality traits and the level of a person's spiritual development. They are not indicated in official documents, but they are used no less often than the basic naming.

How to choose a name for the child (boy or girl) and which options are well combined with the surname and patronymic

Since the time of Pythagoras it was known that to each person there corresponds a certain number of a name. It can be calculated from the table:

All letters are added to each other: Marina = 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5. Hence, the number of the name is 5.

Each value is assigned certain personality traits:

  1. Self-confidence, will and ambition.
  2. Emotionality, softness and responsiveness.
  3. Talent, luck and frivolity.
  4. Pedantry, stability and conscientiousness.
  5. Independence, curiosity and a desire for risk.
  6. Brightness, attractiveness and trust of others.
  7. Mind, perseverance and absent-mindedness.
  8. Attention to detail, success, slowness.
  9. Leadership, arrogance and selfishness.

Ideas for gifts, what do you think? Let's choose for you and your little creatures:

Consider the name Tyrion for the boy from the same series. He will be expected from a subtle sense of humor, flexible mind, firmness in decision-making and implementation. As a carrier of such a rare and popular name, the child will regularly feel the need to justify it. And if he can not realize at least part of the potential of Tyrion the hero, it can break it.

At the same time, such common names as Olga, Svetlana, Galina, Andrey, Sergey, Konstantin, Ilya and others do not evoke vivid associations. Having a simple and familiar name that is pleasant to parents will not require a small person to perform excessive tasks. His character and aspirations will be formed on the basis of the strength inherent in the name and the education that relatives will give.

Such arguments in favor of this or that name will be quite substantial and weighty, having a logical underpinning. And if relatives are able to listen and accept someone else's opinion, it's easy to succeed and convince them of their rightness. It is very important that the final decision is made by the mom and daddy of the baby without interference from relatives. After all, it is parents who are responsible for the upbringing of their child, and for determining his fate. Grandparents should only support and help, giving practical advice to more experienced people.

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