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Musical abilities of the child develop

Musical abilities of the baby are developing. from the cradle

Musical abilities of the child develop

Not all of us – parents – graduated from music school, not all of us sing and play musical instruments. But we all want our baby to be musically developed. And not by chance. Musical abilities are associated with a person’s aesthetic development, his creativity, and, in the most general form, with culture in general. However, not every child shows musical ability, not all children like to sing or listen, for example, Chopin’s sonatas. And this is due to the musical “education” of the baby in the first days and months of life.

Not surprisingly, all Vietnamese have a perfect musical ear. In Vietnamese, the same word, uttered in different keys, has a different meaning. Newborn baby from birth learns to recognize the features of the sound of the word, “music of the language,” listening to the speech of their parents.

Musical abilities begin to form when the child is able to hear music, that is, in the womb of the mother. Therefore, you can listen to music already during pregnancy. Of course, music should cause positive emotions in the mother, because her psycho-emotional state greatly influences the child developing in her womb. Music should be calm, beautiful, melodic, causing a state of “despair grace.” The perception of music has a certain effect on the human psyche, causes different emotions and mental states: there is depressive music, causing inexplicable anxiety, fear; there is music soothing, music for meditation. It is necessary to restrain from listening to music and songs that torture a person, make them suffer.