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What can sleep after eating, how to become slim

The fullness of how she fed up! Why does she always strive to attack me? Where do these extra pounds of fat on the hips, on the sides, on the stomach come from? How is it formed in me – this fat, if I eat not so much ??
One of the answers to this question I know for sure.

Immediately after the maternity hospital

After I was discharged from the maternity hospital, my weight very quickly declined. Of the 18 kilograms collected during pregnancy in three months, I have only eight left. I was glad and thought that I was on the right track to quickly return to normal, and relaxed a bit, stopped daily to stand on the scales. And two months later, a surprise was waiting for me – I grew stout by 3 kilograms, started typing quickly, as if I was puffed up!

I decided to identify the reason for such a rapid formation of folds, not very reassuring myself that these are only hormones.


Like all moms, during the decree I did not have free time to eat properly, do it regularly and even more so on time and safely for the body. I rushed with the child, then not having time to eat properly, then forgetting altogether. And somehow it just happened that when my daughter fell asleep during the day, evening or night (it does not matter), I went to the kitchen and took my soul for food – I ate everything I wanted.

But indiscriminate food, late dinner and night raid on the refrigerator – this is still half the trouble.


The daughter’s dream was always not strong: she fell asleep for about half an hour, and
then I would wake up and watch me lie next to me. If mom is sleeping, she closed her eyes with a clear conscience, hugged me and could sleep for another three hours. After making sure that the baby sleeps with me longer and longer, I began to go to bed with her after lunch. And that was my mistake.

Imagine a hungry, nervous man who seized on food and ate it for the future with his thoughts: What if today we no longer manage to eat? And then this person with a calm soul and a stuffed belly goes to sleep for 2 hours … Now imagine where all this amount of food consumed, fed with hot tea, is put off!

Effective rest!

That was the kind of person I was. And the results of sleep on a full stomach were not long in coming. I confidently gained a kilogram per month. And this is despite the fact that she did not particularly eat sweets, made two-hour walks with a pram and was engaged in homework. When I finished breastfeeding, my weight was 81.2 kg instead of 73.

In the dream

Recently, I again recorded that I was recruiting, if I eat before bedtime. True eating – it says loudly! Now I weigh only 61 kilograms and eat very modestly. But the weight gain is immediately noticeable.

During the last month, I observed the following picture. In the afternoon I am very busy and in the evening I not only feel tired, but I also experience brutal hunger.

As a dinner in September, I was very addicted to grapes. During the day, he slips past me and quickly turns into energy. But eaten a few bunches before bedtime Potiha began to turn into fat. To them were added a few dense trips to the guests in the evening and for a week on the scales loomed 2 kg more.

But weight is not even an indicator. The worst thing I found on the sides. Fat like stuck to me, demanding to behave decently.

I realized that for my weight it is not so scary that I eat. Scary when I eat! And may I go hungry all day and only have a loose dinner before going to bed, I will still type in a dream.

Measures taken

The most difficult thing in my case is to control myself. After all, now, as well as after childbirth, I put the children to bed after dinner and lie on the sofa in the nursery.

I come home tired, late and I really want to eat (I mildly say it). Plus, the whole family eats well in the evening. What to do? How to resist the temptation to cram into yummy and go to sleep? I took the following measures.

Every evening I always dress up in front of a huge mirror and tell myself that I don’t want to gain weight, which means I need to drink only tea with honey.

I do not sit at the table while my husband and children eat, but only apply and clean. Fortunately for dinner, they take 5-10 minutes.

If I have a bite, I try to lie down later.

And my main achievement is that I taught myself to have breakfast at 8 in the morning. And now at dinner I can say to myself: You eat all this food in 10 hours, some garbage – and you can wait, nothing will happen to the grapes.

And another interesting fact! Girls, when my stomach is light, I sleep stronger and deeper. And after overeating, I do not sleep well and wake up at night several times. This, incidentally, was noticed by her husband. Now, when I decide to break, he reminds me that it will be bad for me to sleep at night, and I lose appetite.

This is how I look for a balance between sleep, food and beauty.

Does sleep after eating affect your weight?

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