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Water battles -: instruction, sport and active lifestyle

The first and last, at that time, time, my friend and I got to the WB (Water battles) in 2010. Yes, yes, in that very year when it was so hot, when people didn’t know what other skin to tear off their skin, and they didn’t suspect that smog was about to start.

And frankly, I met with the World Bank in the glorious city of Minusinsk, where my grandparents lived, and where I went every summer. I remember very well that I was very, very few years old, and I didn’t even know what Ivan Kupala Day was. The day when the swimming season is opened.

In fact, the swimming season in Minusinsk was opened a long time ago: showers went on for several days, the water crept up to the first floors of the houses, the swings were flooded, and we rapidly built rafts, for travelers, and it is simply impossible otherwise. We floated on rafts from the entrance to the store, we skirted around the swing, and they happily hollowed us with iron details on their foreheads; we sat on the branches of the trees, drove the rafts away, and with wild cries jumped into muddy puddles. The children.

On the eve of Ivan Kupala’s Day, a conspiratorial mood was felt in the city, and all the bottles were gone at once. Then I did not know that water guns would be made of them. I did not even know that the enemy was not asleep, but he, by the way, was not really asleep.

When I went out to the store in the morning, I saw that everyone, so satisfied and satisfied, was walking around the yard, like peacocks, and everyone had bottles in their hands. It seemed strange to me, since it is clear that it is hot (and the temperature in Siberia in spring and summer is very high).
Even more strange seemed to me short dashes with buckets around the yard, and concentrated wipers, who, puffing, set up hoses, of which flowers, in principle, were watered a long time ago.

And suddenly began. All of a sudden there was a noise, din, and water poured from everywhere. A boy ran up to me, and a bucket of water was literally put on my head. It remains only to knock, say Tuk-tuk, and would have turned out to be a grotesque.

When I took off the bucket, the girl jumped, and at close range she shot me from a bottle. She squealed loudly, joyfully, until a boy ran up behind her and did the same.

If it were possible to sketch the glorious city of Minusinsk at that moment, we would understand that it is impossible to sketch THIS. Water poured from the balconies, from the rooftops; hoses sprayed the water, and those who held them ran water in a bucket with short dashes and long distances.

I suddenly thought that it was some kind of hell, and ran out of the yard, immediately hitting a decent square, where usually the market was opened early in the morning.

What is the market, I tell you! Around flowed water and flew, sorry for the expression, tomatoes!

And suddenly it dawned on me that, a thousand devils, we are playing! The whole city is playing!

I rushed back from all legs, ran into the apartment, laughing and taking out the remnants of tomatoes from the hair. I started looking for a bucket in the apartment – I did not find it. Ran to the barn behind the house – also nothing! I rushed to the janitor who was sleeping in the shade, took a hefty hose, and with this hose jumped out into the yard.

I must say that the hose was as healthy as a python, and I was very small, approximately like this (the photo was taken the same summer, my physiognomy is my trademark).

Of course, seeing the shmakodya, which was dragging on a hefty hose, all froze. The whole yard froze. And at that moment I turned on the water at full capacity, which then led to great consequences for the yard, and for me, of course, since I was thrown to the wall with all the foolishness, and it seems that there was still a dent there.

But then we were children, and now we are adults.

And – stop. So what?
And nothing!

The main thing that a person needs to remember and know is always – he can afford to return to his childhood at any time, if to some extent he forgets about society and his charters, and simply becomes a little child.

When we, on July 17, 2010, got invited by friends on the metro VDNH, we did not believe our eyes. We could not even imagine how many people in our glorious city want to spend a little time in their childhood. People walked into the park in one huge crowd, armed with pistols, buckets, bottles, even posters and flags.
And flasks, of course.

There were no rules except one: Do not reach aggression.

No one came to her, people just did not have time for this.

Things were thrown somehow and here and there, and, most interestingly, no one stole anything. I will not say that in such a crowd of people there was not at least one person who would not like to get someone else’s mobile phone or camera for free – certainly there was. But the problem is that he was too busy watering others from the bucket-bottle-cup, so in the end nothing was lost. Nothing at all.

The sun was scorching mercilessly, both children and old people took part in the battle, in the middle of the day a film crew of some western channel arrived. They wanted, as they say, to make a report on the water battle, but in the end the correspondent was surrounded on all sides and rapidly poured water.

Here is the video report:

Water Battles – the event is official, so there were no problems with the police, no, and it is unlikely to be. The only thing that is forbidden is to drink alcohol. No one drank, not before it was.

This year, the WB will be held around July, you can follow the news in the group of events in Vkontakte. Come everyone who is not afraid of the oblique views of people in the subway, when you, wet-primly, come back home, and you have a smile – from ear to ear, or something else biting.

And now – an important memo for those who go there for the first time:

1. Near the metro VDNH, trade workers will carefully offer you to buy a water gun: 300 rubles – a small one, 900 or even more – a huge one.
Do not take! At the WB, a water pistol is absolutely useless, because everyone can manage with buckets, bathe in fountains, and rush with hoses. And there are also comrades who are attacking from behind, and they water you from the height of their enormous, I must say, growth.

It is best to make a water gun at home: take a big bottle, make a hole in the cap. Some aesthetes push a pipe into the hole, but on a similar battle the pipe is just as useless a weapon as a water pistol. If we are watering, then from the bottom of our heart – they simply do not consider any other option here.

2. If you want to make a gorgeous photo essay from the scene, then remember that in battle all the means of killing the enemy are good, and sometimes the camera gets it. After the WB, people urged others not to water the photographers. Even stood with posters: Do not water photographers! Where there. If you are in battle, then you are in battle.
Whereas photographers recommend hiding under the trees. And even there there is a danger that a little boy will come up to you, and point-blank will shoot you out of his bazooka.

3. Take with you water, as well as hermetically packed food to refresh. The event begins in the morning, ends in the evening, and even then not everyone wants to leave. Therefore, there is a danger that you will be stuck there for the whole day. Of course, they sell water and food nearby, but it’s very expensive – it’s easier to have everything you need with you.

4. Do not take mp3 players, books and magazines with you, thinking that I may become bored and I read in the shade. First, it won’t be boring. Secondly, Tenechka will not. And finally, even if there is a shade, then someone will run up to you, and will arrange another bath.

five. The psychology of the crowd conducting the Water Battle – everyone should be doused! Especially pay attention to beginners, actively drawing them into the game. There could not be any damage, and on offended people, as they say, carry water. Keep in mind that you will be drawn into the game, and be prepared for anything!
For all the good, of course 🙂

6. Bring a small towel and something you can change into, as well as a comb. Take a sports bag or a half-sports bag; backpack. Do not carry your devices in an elegant women’s handbag.
Take also bandage and brilliant green – you can get scratched.

7. Shoes should be comfortable, and one that is not sorry. If you are not afraid, you can get into the fountain, but then – no rubber slippers! Believe me, they instantly slip off their feet, and look for them then, fistulas.
Shoes in the fountain is better not to take off – there may be glass.

8. And yet, do not tease the pigeons, do not take with you expensive things 🙂

9. Clothing must be loose, not constraining movement. If you are ready to change clothes to go home, then it is advisable that you wear something that is easy to take off. Mike-pants, something like that.

10. Things are put on one common bench, a person is appointed who will look after. These people are changing. If someone wants to play – he appoints another. That one is the third, and so on.

Perhaps, everything, and, you know – HAPPY YOU SUMMER!

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