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Veggie against good shape how to become slim

When you refuse meat only in order to get a flat tummy and shape, like all these fitonies in public social networks, it is useless. And I have 5 reasons for this.

Let’s first define the concepts. Veggie and vegan are different things. Vegans do not eat not only meat and fish, but also refuse all products of the exploitation of animals: milk, dairy products, honey, eggs. That is, if you’re a vegan, then forget about yogurt (milk). And about baking, too (eggs!). And about milk chocolate, for that matter.

Vegans, as a rule, are of two types – fruitorians and syroeda. Understandably, going to the raw carrots or eating cabbages, the weight can not gain. But you will be skinny. Look at the most beautiful models of the world Victoria Secret – they are not skinny. They have beautiful, relief figures (in the sense that there is both the butt, and the chest, and the bend of the hips is beautiful). And they stick to a protein diet.

You will probably object to me that there are fewer calories in an apple than in a piece of chicken. Agree. But, if you want to lose weight beautifully, then the refusal of meat will lead to the fact that you will get a loose belly and booty.

Reason number 1. Too many carbohydrates

In order for you to lose weight evenly (including the stomach and side-sleeves that do not give rest to the majority), you need to consume no more than 2 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight. That is, with a weight of 60 kg carbohydrate maximum will be 120 grams. With this consumption, subcutaneous fat is lost.

Vegetarians eat mainly carbohydrate food – cereal (100 grams over 50 grams of carbohydrates), fruits (about 10 grams of carbohydrates in the same healthy low-calorie apples), vegetables (okay, they are the most low-carb, but you won’t eat cucumbers alone).

Reason # 2. Too large portions.

100 grams of chicken or salad. What will you fill up more? Protein food is absorbed more slowly, and therefore the feeling of fullness is longer than from any fruit-vegetables. In addition, protein foods are sometimes called negative calorie foods, because the body spends energy on digesting proteins.

That is, you eat and lose weight at the same time, if you exaggerate. For example, out of 200 Kcal of turkey 30% of this figure the body spends on its own digestion! We consider and remains 140 Kcal. For comparison, the caloric content of 100 grams of cucumber / tomato / olive oil salad is 100 Kcal. And this amount is hardly full.

Reason number 3. Alternative sources of meat protein

To avoid distortions in nutrition, every self-respecting vegan knows where to get protein. So, sources of protein, if you do not eat meat and eggs:

– lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas (if there are 4-5 spoons per day, then there will be no harm to the figure)

– nuts – super calorie, and therefore only 5-8 pieces per day

– soy milk – genetically modified product

– Tofu cheese – made from soy, and therefore its benefits are also very controversial

To summarize Without limitation, you can only eat broccoli. In other cases, consuming protein, you will either get fat, or accumulate substances that are not healthy for you.

Reason # 4. Skin Sagging

Only proteins provide tight skin, as they make up the body frame. The likely consequence of a lack of protein in the body is cellulite. That is, if you want to be a vegan with a beautiful body, then you need to consume a lot of protein from alternative sources. So eat mostly broccoli and tofu.

In other words, 100 grams of chicken contains 16 grams of protein. To get the same amount of protein from broccoli, you need to eat at least a kg!

I myself practiced raw foods, about 1 year. The consequences are still visible (although I do sports, I eat right and not giving birth, and most importantly I weigh 56-57 kg with height 168 cm):

Reason number 5. Poor physical form.

Proteins lead to an increase in muscle mass, which is why all athletes love chicken breast so much. Just do not imagine now bodybuilders. The relief toned body is not only the result of sport, but also protein nutrition. In addition, after a workout, the muscles do not hurt – again, you need protein.

If, after intensive strength or cardio training, you eat the whole thing with apples, then there will be no harm, of course. Like the benefits. Fruits are best eaten before your workout so that there is energy!

And finally. I am not against veggiery, which is from the heart. In the end, if you do not eat meat by conviction, it does not mean that you should put an end to physical fitness. For me, the discovery was, for example, the bodybuilder Frank Medrano, who does not eat meat! Simply, the way vegans to a beautiful body is much more complicated than that of ordinary people.

If the refusal of meat is your life position, you should not change it for the sake of your body, it is better to subordinate the body to your convictions!

Dear readers, what do you think about vegetarianism?

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