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The benefits and harms of fasting days, how to become slim

I, like any girl, want to be slim, so there were various kinds of fasting days in my life. Each of them had a different effect on my health. That’s what I want to tell.

Types of fasting days

– water
– kefir
– chocolate
– apple

All these fasting days I tried on myself and most often it was not quite within reasonable limits, since the desire to lose weight prevailed.

Now I am firmly convinced: before choosing one of the types of fasting days for yourself, it is necessary to examine all the pros and cons of this purification and determine whether it suits your body.

Fasting day on the water

During this unloading day, you must not eat anything from the very morning, but only drink purified water. During the sensation of hunger it is necessary to drink warm water in small sips in order to quickly saturate the body. In addition to water, you can not drink any tea, no juice, no coffee.

This type of day of discharge helps not only to lose weight, but also to clear the body of accumulated toxins, in addition, the skin will become more elastic, become even in color, and you will become easier and more confident in yourself.

A fasting day on the water can become dangerous if you overdo it and carry it out not once every 7-10 days, but within 2-3 days. Then you can harm the gastrointestinal tract and the overall health of the body.

Fasting day on kefir

On the kefir bottom a little bit easier than just on the water, but nevertheless it is quite a heavy stress for the body. Although it helps to lose extra kilos and has a laxative effect, which in my case was one of the main advantages. During the unloading day, you need to drink 1-1.5 liters of kefir and at least 0.5 water without gas in any order.

This product is very beneficial for the body. It normalizes the pressure and intestinal microflora, and helps to lose weight. As I said, it has a laxative effect.

The aforementioned laxative effect may be a minus of the unloading day due to the fact that the scheduled meetings most likely need to be postponed. In addition, and during this unloading day, you should not forget that everything is good in moderation and you should not spend unloading days for more than 2-3 days in a row.

Fasting day on chocolate

At first glance it seems that here it is a dream: and you grow thin and eat sweet, but it is only at first glance. The fasting day on chocolate is severely limited, and I have only tried it once in my life and now I still don’t like black chocolate.

The essence of the day is that it is allowed to eat only 100 grams of dark chocolate per day, without fillers, you can also turn on coffee without sugar, but you cannot drink chocolate.

An excellent way out of the unloading day for sweet teeth, thanks to which it is possible to lose 1 kg of excess weight, but with further moderate nutrition. In addition, chocolate improves mood and a beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle.

Unfortunately, chocolate, with its frequent use, adversely affects the functioning of the liver, and can also lead to a breakdown.

Fasting day on apples

For me personally, this is the most gentle fasting day, since my love for apples is unlimited. The bottom line is to eat 1.5 kilograms of apples a day, drink 1.5 liters of purified water and use the rule:
If you want to eat – eat an apple, if you don’t want an apple – you do not want to eat. .

The main advantages are that apples enrich the body with iron and vitamins, and at the same time reduce the level of cholesterol and reduce your weight by 2-3 kilograms. This fasting day will be useful for your appearance, but also for your health.

In the discharge bed on apples, I see several drawbacks – this is an increase in appetite after eating an apple, as well as an oscom after their excessive consumption. Although in this case, you can get out of the situation and bake an apple.

Summing up, I want to say that fasting days are needed by any organism both for losing weight and for cleansing, but it is always necessary to know the measure and listen to your organism.

Do you practice fasting days? Which ones?

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