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Special nutrition to reduce the volume of the hips and sides, how to become slim

I tried today to sit on the milk discharge and … could not stand it. If two hours ago I went to bed, then everything would be fine, and so I went and … had dinner. Mashed potatoes with kefir are not too heavy food, but it’s a shame that the word given to them did not keep it.

She ate, walked over to the mirror and looked at what I didn’t like about my figure. The answer is simple – hips and a little waist is not in order. Why, then, do I torment the whole body if only problem areas can be tormented? It turns out that you need to become slim only in these places.

With such new conclusions, I began to look for old abstracts of the girl’s gymnasium. We were once taught to lose weight in zones and I really hoped that my summary did not get lost. The last two hours were aimed at finding the desired entry and Eureka! The note was found.

I quote the basic techniques

The diet is aimed at reducing the volume of the hips and sides. The meaning of nutrition is the calculation of fats consumed per day. If you need to lose weight, it means that fats should not exceed 30-40 grams per day, if you need to maintain weight – 40-50 grams per day.

In order to lose weight, teachers advised gymnasium students to choose products that do not contain more than 12 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. In order to avoid health problems, you do not need to completely remove the fats from your diet!

It is necessary to alternate: the amount of fat for weight loss (for example, a week) and fats for fixing – supporting weight (for example, a week, can be two weeks). So you can eat quite a long time, if the diet is suitable.

the Forbidden fruit

It is necessary to exclude such products:

1. Products that are cooked (fried) in butter (fried potatoes, zucchini, eggplant). Instead of frying, it is best to bake or boil, but without using fats.
2. Fatty dressings and sauces (sour cream, cream, mayonnaise and other sauces, which will be based on mayonnaise, sour cream, etc.).
3. Chocolate.
4. Fast food (big mage, chips, pizza, etc.).
5. Sweet drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, etc.).

6. Ice cream.
7. Confectionery (pastries, cakes, cookies, cakes, etc.).
8. All kinds of salted smoked, smoked and dried fish.
9. Seeds and nuts.
10. Sausages (smoked and boiled sausages, sausages, wieners, etc.).

11. Dairy products (butter, margarine, cream, sour cream, whole milk, curd cheese, etc.).
12. In eggs it is not allowed to eat the yolk, but the protein can be.
13. Vegetable oil, lard, frying fat, etc.
14. Skin and fat from any meat and poultry.
15. Cheese products (cottage cheese, cheese), excluding low-fat cottage cheese.

16. Fatty meat (fatty pork, goose, etc.).
17. Meat dishes (for example, pork pies, liver sausage, pies, stuffed eggs, dumplings, etc.).
18. Cocoa products.
19. Avocados.
20. Dough products, which consists of eggs (cakes, pancakes, casseroles, etc.).

21. Dried coconut.
22. Canned food.
23. Condensed milk.

Products that will help in the fight against overweight hips and sides

1. Bread – black, bran.

2. Porridges (rice, buckwheat) in water without oil.
3. Meat only skimmed (preferably boiled).
4. Bird (turkey and chicken) – better breast.
5. Vegetables without fatty dressings.
6. Fruits without any restrictions.
7. Mushrooms – prefer fresh to dried.
8. Pasta without dressings, eggs, cheese and sauces.
9. Dairy products with a minimum amount of fat.
10. A variety of greens.
11. Water, tea, coffee.

Do no harm!

During weight loss we are guided by the following daily norms:

– 300 grams of vegetables
– 300 g fruit or fruit juices
– 250 g of skimmed milk
– 150 g protein products (fish, poultry, cottage cheese, meat, baked beans)
– 150 g of carbohydrates (cereal, potatoes, bread, pasta)

Is it hard to remember?

When I was still in high school, and we were told about this diet, many girls immediately began to check the effectiveness of such a diet. They complained that it was difficult to remember the forbidden products, but the girls were happy with the results.

I have not tried to sit on this diet, because before there was no incentive and a great need to lose weight. Just now it was my turn to start eating healthy, without fat, sweet and tasty. I will try to become slim, prefer healthy to tasty.

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