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Slender legs with a skirt, how to become slim

I am the owner of the most ordinary female figure. I do not have long model legs, but there are heavy thighs. But the main thing is that no one knows about it. After all, the secret of slender legs is competently hidden flaws.


Having long slender legs is a dream of my life, probably because nature cheated me. But I do not get lost.

First of all, many years ago I taught myself to walk, run and jump in heels. This is a great habit, I confess.

Heels gave me the opportunity not only to lengthen the legs, but also to buy a more diverse wardrobe for these legs.


I know that many women, who consider their hips to be full, hide them solely behind their pants. But I think they still should try the mini.
If you are not too lazy and try on skirts 20, you will definitely make sure that the mini is an amazing length.

I try on the mini only in heels.

My task is to open my leg as much as possible. The more its bare surface, the longer the leg seems. Accordingly, the longer the leg, the more slender the hips are perceived.

The shin looks elongated due to the fact that the foot is arched in a high shoe.

I always make sure that the skirt does not fit the hips too much, did not dig into them when walking. Consequently, I do not take skirts straight, even on the thigh.

Smooth skirt looks on full thighs too narrow, even if the size is chosen correctly.

I try to choose a mini with a light trapezoid, so that there is free space between the leg and the cloth. This makes it possible for the eye to glide along the leg a little higher than it should be, there is an optical illusion – the effect of lengthening the leg is created.

If I still take a narrow, even skirt, then only the one that bulges on the ass. The effect is the same as that of a trapezoid. The fabric does not fit snugly to the legs, does not emphasize fullness, and there is an opportunity for free gliding.

Thus, a little more freedom in fitting completely changes perception.

Why I don’t wear midi

I don’t wear midi, neither puffy skirts, neither folds, nor pencil.

First of all. Midi shortens the leg (compared to a mini twice).

Secondly. Holders of plump hips are often not the most perfect knees. And midi focuses attention on the completeness of the knee, on the unappetizing fold.

Thirdly. Midi is fattening, since the thigh is no longer perceived as a continuation of a long, bare leg, but as one with a wide pelvis.

Fourth. If shoes are unsuccessfully picked up, caviar seems to lose shape, and legs – its beauty. I call this kind of deck.

But in combination with boots, when the calves are hidden, midi looks advantageous. And you can fantasize about the harmony of the legs. This is a good option to show legs slim: just hide them with a beautiful boot.


The uniqueness of the maxi, the merits of skirts of such length were appreciated many centuries ago.

The perfect way to make legs slim. But, unfortunately, the modern lifestyle does not allow us to use the advantages of this length for our insidious purposes.

And yet, at banquets and holidays, you can decorate your legs with a dress on the floor, put on high heels and feel the dream come true.

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