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Separate nutrition for weight loss, how to become slim

The concept of separate nutrition (RP) is based on the assumption of compatibility and incompatibility of some products. Opinions of experts at the expense of this system differ: someone considers it to be absolutely unreasonable from a scientific point of view, and someone is its supporter.

I think that in order to make your own individual opinion on this topic, you need to try this method of feeding yourself.

In my opinion, it is curious that the RP system was popularized by the American Herbert Shelton, relying on the conclusions and experiments of one of our most famous scientists, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.

Separate nutrition systems are mainly used for such purposes as weight reduction, weight gain, muscle gain or health gain. Of course, depending on the desired result, and ways to achieve it will be different. But in this topic, I would like to talk about the separation of nutrition for losing weight.

Three groups of products. Compatibility

In my opinion, the most basic thing that needs to be learned is that there are three main groups in the power supply system into which products can be divided.

1 group of products – acid

It is called so because these products are digested (with a high content of proteins) in an acidic environment.

So, it can be attributed to:

– meat
– broths
– seafood
– eggs
– cheeses
– low-fat dairy products
– soy products
– legumes
– eggplants
– sunflower seeds
– nuts

2 product group – neutral

This group includes the following products:

– all vegetables, except potatoes
– greenery
– dried fruits
– fruits
– juices
– berries

3 product group – alkaline

This group includes foods high in carbohydrates, which require an alkaline environment to digest:

– bread
– potatoes
– cereals
– pasta
– tea
– compote
– sugar
– jam
– honey

The essence of this separation is to understand which foods contain more protein, and which ones – more carbohydrates, and how to spread them among themselves. The products of the neutral group, based on the name itself, do not in themselves produce either an acid or an alkaline reaction.

In this regard, you can do the following conclusion:

It is possible to use, combining among themselves products 1 and 2 groups, products 2 and 3 groups. The same mixture of products of groups 1 and 3 is contraindicated.

How can we use separate nutrition to gain weight

When I began to study separate nutrition, at first everything seemed to me to be extremely clear. But when I learned that RPs are practicing for gaining weight, I became alert.

Most often, this technique is used in conjunction with a set of muscle mass. But I also know cases when thin girls practice this technique with more or less success. I decided to study this information, and to act as in mathematics – by contradiction.

The principle itself and for weight gain remains the same – the rigid separation of proteins from carbohydrates. But it is better to choose foods with a high carbohydrate content. These include:

– beef, veal, lamb, poultry, tongue, liver
– fish (sea and river), fish caviar, shrimp
– hard cheeses, cottage cheese
– chicken eggs
– beans, soybean, buckwheat

Also for weight gain using separate meals, you should choose foods with the highest carbohydrate content, such as:

– bakery products
– pasta
– cereals
– raisins, prunes, dried apricots

So, for weight gain, it is advised to lean on these products, especially carbohydrate ones, and also to pay great attention to portions so that their quantity is sufficient.

Accordingly, for weight loss – on the contrary, pay more attention to proteins and do not forget about the neutral group. And also control the portions.

Nutrition Diets

There are diets for 7 days, 21 days, 90 days. And also – by blood type, according to Semenova, according to Volkova, according to Zhdanov, according to Bragg. Well, a separate power supply according to Shelton is the basis and classic of this system. About the diet on the deal I have recently written. And in the next topic, I will share with you the experience of a diet for 90 days.

And what do you think about food separation?

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