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Raw foods – a diet is not for everyone, how to become slim

Once I met my classmate, whom I had not seen for several years. I must say that at school this girl was rather plump, and only two years ago she was hard to call her skinny. Now she was literally like a reed: thin, sonorous and transparent.

I could not resist the question of how she managed to lose weight so. To which she received the answer that all this is due to raw food. I was interested in this topic, and I decided to find out more about raw foods.

It turns out that there are many varieties of raw food:

omnivorous raw foods (allowing the inclusion in the diet of meat, fish and dairy products in raw form)

vegetarian raw foods (excluding meat and fish, but allowing eggs and milk)

vegan raw foods (strict rules, excluding from the diet of meat, fish, eggs and any dairy products)

carnivorous raw foods (plant foods are minimized, and the diet consists mainly of raw meat, fish and eggs)

fruitarianism (in the diet only fruits and berries)

– raw foods like slimming diet

Since becoming a vegan or a vegetarian was not part of my plans, and the goal was only to lose weight, I was interested in the last point.

What is this diet – raw foods?

In general, the meaning of the raw food diet itself is that by refusing meat food, we thus cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, plus the vegetable food is better digested. As a result, adhering to such a diet, a person heals and thereby prolongs his life.

Losing weight is just a nice addition to the above mentioned action. However, for people who want to lose weight and are not going to chew grass all their lives, a special diet based on raw food has been developed.

The duration of this diet is 3 weeks. The diet is as follows:

The first three days we replace the usual breakfasts and dinners with raw foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts. Lunches are still thermally treated. The fact is that it is impossible to move abruptly from ordinary food to raw food – the gastrointestinal tract can become out of place and fail.

The next day is completely raw food.

The fourth day – lunch again, thermally processed.

From the fifth to the sixteenth day – only raw foods.

On the seventeenth day, the exit from the diet begins, similar to the input – on this day, for lunch, the food is thermally processed.

The eighteenth day is raw food.

From the nineteenth to the twenty-first day – boiled lunch.

What can you eat on raw food days?

1. Any vegetables (seasonal is better – they have more vitamins):
– tomatoes
– cucumbers
– squash
– carrot
– cabbage
– turnip
– beets, etc.

2. Fruits and berries (all fresh or frozen, not canned).

3. Dried fruits:
– apples
– dried apricots
– prunes
– dates
– figs, etc.

4. Legumes (soaked for several hours in water or germinated):
– pea
– lentils
– chickpeas
– beans

5. Cereals, nuts and seeds:
– rye
– wheat
– oats
– buckwheat
– barley
– pumpkin seeds
– sesame
– sunflower seeds
– corn
– Pine nuts
– walnuts
– almond
– hazelnut

6. Greens and salads, fresh juices, cold-pressed vegetable oil.

My impressions of the diet

Frankly, the diet I, as they say, did not go. I am a meat eater by gastronomic habits, and therefore it is a feat for me to stand on the grass for three weeks.

Yes, and my stomach was not thrilled with pure plant food: in the second week I felt pain in my stomach, which intensified every day. Therefore, a few days later I was forced to stop dieting.

During these weeks and a half I lost 4 kg, so in general, the diet is effective, but, unfortunately, not for everyone.

And how do you feel about eating food?

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