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Proper nutrition – the key to your well-being, how to become slim

I have never been full and even more fat, but for some reason the weight of 60 kilograms at company 173 seemed to be large. I didn’t want to sit on exhausting diets, so I decided to turn my attention to proper nutrition.

At first, I did not know how to approach this, as it seemed to me then, complex science. I thought that now I would have to remain unhappy until the end of my life, because in order to eat properly, you have to deprive yourself of much.

A month later, I realized what was happening, and began to actively master the rules of proper nutrition. It turns out that it not only helps to reduce weight, but after a certain time even begins to like it.

Now I can’t imagine how I used to be able to eat everything and not pay attention to the composition, calorie content and health of products. today my weight is 52 kilograms.

In fact, eating right is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Do not run ahead of the locomotive

The transition to a healthy diet should be gradual. If you are not accustomed to this style of food, then you should not try to get rid of their habits in one day, otherwise all attempts to switch to a reasonable diet will be in vain.

Go shopping

I, for example, in order to eat not only reasonably, but also tasty, choose from the products that I see in the store, those that are healthy and satisfy my taste preferences.

By the way, I realized a long time ago that it is not at all necessary to spend fabulous sums on expensive delights, it is enough to properly prepare the purchased products. I prefer cooking and stewing, rather than frying, smoking or canning.

Variety and regularity? What about

One of the main rules that form the basis of a healthy diet is diversity. I definitely include in my diet foods of different food categories. I eat fruits, cereals, vegetables, legumes and cereals, fish and poultry, as well as vegetable oils, nuts and dairy products.

Equally important is the regularity of power. Anyway, I always find time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in no case do not neglect the timeliness of eating. At the same time, my portions are not too large. I keep a balance of moderation and sufficiency.

One of my rules is eating at the same time. With this feeding behavior, the stomach gets used to the regimen and begins to produce juices by a certain time. Under the influence of such enzymes, food is processed faster, and vitamins are absorbed better.

And how to be with salty and sweet

I try to eat less salty foods. I do not add salt at all, I use only seasonings. If this is hard for you, then it will be optimal if you purchase special sea salt. It contains many beneficial trace elements that enrich the body.

At the same time you will not notice differences in tastes.

Confectionery and other overseas sweets I do not eat at all. Instead, I choose a variety of fruits and berries. If for you life without sweets and chocolate is flour, then at least limit sugar, which you add to tea, and also do not abuse pastries.

Instead of sugar, use honey. Here it is important to remember that under the influence of high temperatures, honey loses some useful properties, so it should be added after cooling the beverage.

Water, where do without it

I am convinced that you need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water per day. Water is a very important element for the body. It helps prevent dry skin and fills the body with vital energy.

Among other things, water helps to eliminate toxins and speeds up metabolic processes. Vital moisture is just what the body needs for normal life activity.

Vegetables and fruits – one of the main components

I love fruits, vegetables and greens and regularly include them in my diet. It is believed that every day you need to eat at least five fruits and vegetables, and preferably different colors.

I give preference to fresh plant crops, rather than the fact that for months they lie on store shelves. They contain a lot of vitamins, organic salts, fiber and minerals.

We all know that vegetables and fruits improve the condition of the body, strengthen the immune system and increase efficiency.

And what are your tricks on maintaining proper nutrition?

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