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Low-calorie foods, how to become slim

I think no weight loss is in principle possible without the use of low-calorie foods. But this does not mean that it is allowed to eat only some cucumbers, apples and green tea, because with such a menu you will not last long 🙂

Having a lot of experience losing weight on counting calories, I made a definite list of useful low-calorie foods, thanks to which I don’t have to starve. In addition, they will help not only reduce weight, but also improve health.

Low-calorie foods are considered, in 100 g of which not more than 100 kcal. But there are some exceptions. For example, boiled protein foods, whose caloric content is a little more – 80-130 kcal per 100 g, namely:

Skinless Chicken Breast – 113
Seafood – 100-120
Low-fat fish (pollock, cod) – 80-130
Eggs – 80
Low-fat cottage cheese – 85
Low-fat yogurt and kefir – 60

Despite the numbers, these products are still worth using. They speed up the metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels and give a long feeling of satiety.

The main thing to remember is that, depending on the method of cooking, the energy value of the dish varies. For example, when frying the same chicken breast, the calorie content increases very much – 200 kcal per 100 g, and the oyster mushrooms, in their raw form, contain 43 kcal, in the boiled one – 23, the stew – 75, but in the fried one already 95.


Their raw caloric content ranges from 15 to 80 kcal per 100 g. But, in addition, they have another significant advantage over protein products: a high content of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. In addition, they contain some carbohydrates, so you can eat raw vegetables without worrying about the amount (the exception is potatoes).

Cucumbers – 15
Tomatoes – 20
Pepper green – 25, red – 27
Radish – 20
White cabbage – 20
Cauliflower – 30
Red cabbage – 31
Carrots – 30
Courgettes – 40

But greens in general have a negative caloric value, that is, it takes more energy to digest it than it contains, so you can eat it in any quantities.

Fresh fruits and berries

Just like vegetables, they contain nutrients, and per 100 g accounts for only 30-80 kcal.

Apples – 30
Watermelon – 38
Currant – 40
Pomegranate – 45
Plum – 45
Strawberry – 45
Pear – 45
Apricots – 45
Cranberries – 55
Peach – 60
Gooseberry – 60
Melon – 60
Orange – 60
Malina – 65
Persimmon – 70
Mandarin – 79
Grapes – 80
Banana – 80

Cereals and legumes

Traditionally, these dishes are classified as high-energy products. And this is not surprising – it is worth looking at the caloric value indicated on the package, for example, the same buckwheat (330), as you can immediately change your mind;) However, there is a secret here. Indeed, the calorie content of buckwheat – just like any other cereal – is very high, but: this is dry form! When cooking its caloric content drops about 3 times.

Of great importance is the method of preparation: crumbly porridge, as they say: a grain to grain contains more calories than a viscous softener. That is, it all depends on the amount of water added during preparation.

As can be seen from a fairly extensive list of low-calorie foods, being on a diet, it is possible to eat a varied, tasty and without harm to health. But it is worth remembering that overeat even such products are not worth it;)

Do you pay attention to calorie foods?

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