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Kremlin diet how to become slim

Oh, the Kremlin diet! As soon as she appeared, she immediately put all competitors in the belt. Who just did not sit on the Kremlin – and the divas of show business, and politicians, and simple housewives. Well, in general, and I succumbed to the general excitement …

Oh, those points!

The Kremlin diet is a great way to lose weight for mathematicians. You count yourself, you count points, and at the same time you lose weight.

Its essence lies in the maximum restriction of carbohydrates. All food has its own value, measured in points. Kremlin does not imply a specific menu. But for the day you are given 40 points, which can not be exceeded.

Foods with a high carbohydrate content have the highest cost. So, having eaten one chocolate bar, you can easily sort out the daily rate of points. Therefore, it is recommended to select the menu that is economical, i.e. low carb. The promised weight loss in 7 days is 4-5 kg. Not bad, is it?

Forty points … Is it a lot or a little? – I thought, on the eve of the day X. The question was decided when, armed with tables, I began to make the menu the next day.

First of all, I was inspired by products that have 0 points. This, for example, fish, beef, veal, liver. Products such as pasta, bread, dried fruit, sweets and some others turned out to be outcasts, since they could not fit into the cherished 40 points. In a word, the Kremlin is a constant calculation of what is possible and what is not.

Together with the pounds the mood leaves

I lasted on the Kremlin for exactly 4 days. Getting up on the scales, diagnosed a weight loss of 2.8 kilograms. I left the race for the simple reason that the lack of carbohydrates had a negative effect on working capacity, and just at that period an important project was burning at work, and the strong bogatyrs were simply needed

Yes, the weight on this diet goes! And it leaves very quickly, but the mood, as they say, is zero. One feels a constant breakdown, and the brain categorically refuses to cooperate with you. But in my case, Kremlevka came up perfectly, as the plan was a little prettier to one important event.

The goal was achieved – the dress was fine, although if I were a little more insistent, the results would have been much more impressive.

Pros and cons

So, to summarize my impression of the Kremlin diet.

Among its advantages, I would highlight:

  • Ability to include any products in the menu
  • Fast result (for those cases when it is necessary to get into an evening dress urgently)
  • Efficiency (weight really goes away if you follow the rules clearly)
  • Clear points scoring system

Kremlin minuses for myself, I discovered two:

  • The need to constantly keep a food diary and calculate points
  • Breakdown and bad mood

The cost of some products of the Kremlin diet:

Lamb, pork 0
Beef, veal 0
Doctor sausage 1,5
Sausages 0
Chicken 0
Beef liver 0
Beef wieners 1,5
Pork Sausages 2
Milk sausages 1,5
Pork tongue, beef 0
Eggs in any form (piece) 0.5

Sweet Yoghurt 8.5
Kefir, sour milk 3.2
Pasteurized milk 4.7
Sour cream 3
Cheese of various varieties 1.5
Dietary cheese 1

Boiled fish 0
Fresh and frozen fish 0

Buckwheat 62
Pasta 69
Wheat flour top grade 68
Pic 71

White cabbage 5
Potatoes 16
Carrot 7
Cucumbers 3
Tomatoes 4

Orange 8
Banana 21
Grapes 15
Raisin 66
Apples 9.5

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