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How to lose weight in three days, how to become slim

Soon the party, and your favorite dress is not going to fasten at the waist? Or, suddenly, my husband announced that at the weekend you are leaving for Tunisia, and the swimsuit categorically refuses to pull on the plump ass? Nothing to do – will urgently lose weight!

Lose weight in three days. Moreover, it is quite simple to do this, because you have to endure nothing on the diet: today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

True, it should be aware that such rapid weight loss is stressful for the body. Therefore, one should not abuse such methods, using them only as a last resort.

Fasting days

The best for myself, I once considered the most elementary way to quickly lose weight – fasting days. Personally, it is easy for me to sit a day on kefir alone, as long as the result is obvious.

So, I armed myself with a liter of kefir and went on a day hunger strike. On the second day, I could add some fruit and low-calorie bread to the kefir. On the third – fruit and light yogurt, bread.

The stomach, sides and cheeks will go absolutely for sure, so for three fasting days you can easily say goodbye to 2-3, or even 4 kilograms.

However, after such a fast it is not at all a fact that you can have fun at a party until you drop: the very stress and lack of trace elements and vitamins will cause fatigue and a decrease in performance.

In addition, starving for three days and then throwing yourself on food, you will rather quickly return the dropped kilograms. So, if the beginning of the diet was sudden, then try to at least gradually get out of it, without immediately absorbing huge portions of food.

Counting calories

Another effective way to test yourself is a strict calorie count. In order to find out how many calories you need to eat daily, you can use the formula:
18-30 years old – (0.062 x M 2.036) x 240

31-60 years old – (0.034 x M 3.54) x 240

From 61 years old – (0.04 x M 2.75) x 240

The letter M in the formula indicates body weight. The result must be multiplied by the coefficient of physical activity:

1.1 – low activity (sedentary inactive lifestyle)
1,3 – moderate activity (sports 1-3 times a week, household chores, games with a child, mobile work)
1.5 – high activity (serious athletic load).

That is, if my weight is 50 kg, and I sometimes go in for sports, then for me the required number of calories per day is 1602.

Despite the fact that I will eat no more and no fewer calories per day, I will not get better and lose weight. But if I allow myself, for example, no more than 1000, I will surely lose weight.

In order for such a restriction to injure your body as little as possible, you should try to put as many healthy foods rich in vitamins and trace elements into this 1000 calories.

Abuse the reduction in the rate of calories is not worth it, it is fraught with problems of a physiological and mental nature, even anorexia. Much better on the fourth day to limit the rate – that is, the number of calories, which was the result of counting by the formula.


To lose weight quickly, you can also go on a short diet. Get ready for the fact that in the coming days you will have to say goodbye to normal food and go mainly to fruits and dried fruits.

So, for breakfast: pineapple slices, coffee with lemon and sugar or citrus fresh.

Lunch: salad of white cabbage and carrots, prunes, apples.

Dinner: a few slices of orange, grapefruit, apples, dried apricots. At night, drink water with lemon and eat a few pieces of dried apricots.

To dull the feeling of hunger, during the day you can drink hot water with lemon and mint.

Despite the fact that this diet is very hungry and strict, you also have to show physical activity. Replace elevator stairs, arrange an evening jog.

It would be great if you can go to the sauna or bath or make a wrap in the salon. If this is not possible, take a hot shower with a scrub in the evenings, rubbing problem areas well with a washcloth.

All this will allow you to lose 4-5 kg, and, to achieve a result, you should limit yourself to two days of diet. On the third day, you can afford more satisfying food, but in small quantities, to smoothly get out of the diet.

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