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How to lose weight? 35 my habits how to become slim

I try to follow the figure as much as possible. But in order to be slim, you need to adhere to some rules. You know, it is not at all necessary to go on a rigid diet, to exhaust yourself in the gym. Of course, the result will be, but you can achieve harmony and other, albeit a long way.

Today I will only talk about my habits. I worked them out for myself a few years ago and realized that they really work and help me. So I decided to share them with you, dear readers Alimero:

one. Go to bed early and get up early. Becoming a lark, I realized how great and useful it is to get up early. The rising sun gives me a charge of cheerfulness.

2 Do not eat sweet soda. Of course, it is insanely tasty and very popular. But bad! Pamper yourself occasionally. But it is better not to use it at all. Thirst she does not quench. On the contrary, I want to drink more from sweet sparkling water.

3 Excess fat is wetted with a paper towel. Why do we need extra fat and cholesterol in the body? I always let the excess fat flow away. And my husband loves when I pour porridge or mashed potatoes with fat from frying.

four. I do not eat buns! 2 years I have forgotten their taste. First, I love to bake and cook myself. And secondly, I replaced the loaves with loafs or whole-grain bread with jam.

five. Full meal. I really like salads. So that they are low-calorie, I fill them with sour cream, yogurt or olive oil. It is not only tasty, but also useful! And in vegetable salads, I add crackers (dry bread), it turns out an excellent nutritious salad. Full dinner!

6 Charging in the morning. It gives a positive charge and vivacity for the whole day. Have not tried? And I got so used to morning gymnastics, that I taught my son and her husband to get up early and work together to the music.

7 Count calories. I have on my fridge a table of calorie foods. When buying food, I also try to choose the lowest-calorie products.

eight. Buy low-calorie foods. Dairy products are especially important to me. I love kefir 1% fat. The same cottage cheese and milk.

9. Hiking I like to walk. This is useful. And for the figure too. My husband even offered to buy a pedometer. And walking can be alternated with cycling. 🙂

ten. Cleaning the house. Who would have thought, but it was the housework (general cleaning, cooking) that burns a lot of calories. Having scrolled all day around the apartment, you burn as much as for an hour of intensive training.

eleven. Active games. Moving more is a sensible habit that leads to harmony.

12. I replaced the night snacks with a glass of water.

13. I replaced a rich hearty dinner with a light salad and a glass of kefir for the night (or yogurt, preferably homemade).

14. Instead of drinking beer and chewing sandwiches or chips in front of the TV (which leads to obesity), I have a favorite hobby. Hands are busy. I enjoy knitting so much that I don’t have time for beer. I try to quickly tie your favorite sweater or warm socks.

15. The favorite music. I am a music lover, and therefore I love to listen to music always and everywhere. If any song sounds on the radio, I pick up my son in my arms and we dance together.

sixteen. Extra money is better not to invest in sweets, but, for example, in a good pair of sports shoes (for sports, jogging).

17 If the usual clothes become small, you should not buy things one size larger. It is better to lose weight and strive for the perfect figure.

18. I have long taken the habit of walking more in the fresh air. Only weather conditions can prevent me. Every weekend we try to walk: a forest, a park, a visit.

nineteen. Cook in olive oil. I love its taste, so I fill it with salads. And fry on it too. And tasty and healthy.

20. Take a walk after lunch. I do this so that there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and I don’t really like to sit.

21. Most of the carbohydrates are good to eat in the morning.

22 It is necessary to stop counting calories and keep yourself in a rigid framework. Portion should be just smaller or gradually reduced.

23. Green vegetables and greens must be present in the diet.

24 Instead of buying meals or running out for a snack in a cafe, it is better to bring homemade food to the office.

25 I drink fresh green tea without sugar. This is instead of coffee and sweet black tea.

26 Candy and other sweets – on weekends and holidays.

27. Meat can be eaten, but it should be lean. I eat boiled chicken (breast).

28. As snacks before bedtime, I allow myself kefir or a baked apple in the oven with cinnamon.

29. Sugar is better to replace honey.

thirty. Refusing french fries.

31. I substitute mayonnaise in salads with olive oil, sour cream or grape vinegar.

32. In salads add pieces of cheese. It gives a feeling of satiety, without adding extra inches at the waist.

33. Ice cream, like sweets, in rare cases. Ice cream is better to replace with frozen juice.

34 Dessert (low-calorie) only 1 time per day. It is sweet cakes, cakes and other snacks that give us weight, which is then difficult to lose.

35 Ordinary sandwiches (with bacon, sausage) can be replaced with vegetable.

These are my habits that I try to adhere to. Do you have habits that help you keep fit?

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