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How to help yourself eat less, how to become slim

I have long analyzed and tried to summarize the psychological causes of obesity in dozens of examples of girls and women. I couldn’t come to one denominator, but I still found some common features in people who are overweight.

One of the general features in the lives of girls who are overweight is fear or unwillingness to live a full and fun life here and now.

I specifically designated reluctance with quotes, since there is just an external desire to breathe with a full breast, but for some reason there is no internal work in this direction.

In life, I often want to get some kind of emotional high. But it is so difficult to find a passion that is guaranteed to bring us joy. Against the background of similar everyday life, we tend to forget about those things that once brought us so much joy, drowning in the dullness of monotonous days.

The simplest pleasure is food

It seems to me that we all know that in the pursuit of pleasures it is much easier to reach out, take some sweets in a feast, chew and wait until the production of serotonin occurs or does not occur.

But one day, if you’re lucky, comes the realization of how we live our lives. We spend time, effort and money on what we want to run and live, eagerly passing every drop of vital energy through our lungs.

Instead of waiting for this awareness sooner or later, I suggest already now try to get positive emotions in other ways.

Here is a small list of activities that can be realized. And at the same time, all these joys will cost you utter nonsense, or even generally cost free. Perhaps in this numerous set you will find something suitable for you. Or, in search of former ease, still dare and try to bring some of them to life.

The list of interesting activities that I have tried myself and that I suggest you do:

1. Agree and go visit old friends or invite them to visit and organize a small party with board games or quests.

2. Periodically, for example on Saturdays, arrange a family holiday for yourself and your loved ones, dedicating it to anything. Involve children in its organization.

3. Create games for your own and not your children. This is a truly exciting and fun activity for both adults and children.

4. Take a short trip on foot or by bike. Watch people and their lives, noting curious details.

5. Visit stores regularly. And it does not matter if you buy something at the same time, or you just consider shop-windows.

6. Learn to see and hear animals, try to identify their emotions.

7. Stop here and now, enjoy peace and tranquility. Look at the sky, the sun or the clouds, as they majestically float across the blue sky.

8. Choose a day and go to the beach with your family. Bathe in your pleasure.

9. Practice some kind of sport. It can be both cycling and chess.

10. Collect leaves and flowers, make a bouquet or herbarium.

11. Be engaged in arrangement of a home. Now there are so many opportunities to make beautiful things with your own hands.

12. Start to be interested in what you have never done – fishing, playing billiards or crocheting.

13. Create an interesting landscape at your summer cottage, organize a lake or a beautiful flower bed.

14. Take care of the restoration of old furniture. This is now also a very interesting direction, which will allow you to upgrade furniture and save money on buying a new one.

15. Create or solve crossword puzzles.

16. Write letters to friends, make postcards.

17. Get to know different massage techniques. Practice them on acquaintances. Over time, you may have your customers.

18. Do astronomy. This extremely interesting science can help not only you to establish your life.

19. With the desire, you can begin to learn yoga or practice meditation.

20. Get an animal and train it. Watch him and his changes.

21. Take care of the cooking. Make something new and make a very beautiful design. Give yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy both the taste and the look of the dish.

22. Learn the art of the bartender, namely, the proportions and content of various cocktails, both with alcohol and without.

23. Try to master the Chinese or Japanese cuisine.

24. Start learning any foreign language.

25. Start to be interested in theaters and museums. Find yourself a company in this and regularly attend theaters and exhibitions.

26. Take a vocal, now in the Internet you can find a lot of minus under which you can sing with pleasure.

27. Try to learn to play musical instruments.

28. Engage in dances, learn to express your feelings and emotions in movements.

29. Join a public organization or movement, in accordance with your interests.

30. Engage in the study of various table competitions, so that at any event, instead of ramming food into your stomach, become the highlight of the company.

31. Take a photo. It is possible to make beautiful photos even on a regular soap box.

32. Try to meet new people and make friends with them.

33. Take care of the garden and growing a large crop on it.

On this, perhaps, I will round out. There are plenty of ways to enjoy, relax and relax, besides food.

And I really want 80 years old, sitting on the veranda of our house in a rocking chair and looking back at our past, full of unforgettable events and vivid emotions, we told our grandchildren: Oh, grandchildren, what a wonderful life I had.

And how do you distract yourself from eating boredom?

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