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How to get better, how to become slim

Despite the fact that most of the fair sex dreams of losing weight, there are also girls who suffer from a lack of weight.

A man is not a dog, he does not rush to the bones – the old saying goes, and it seems that this is true. No matter how brainwashed television broadcasts and fashion magazines, women understand that often lush or at least in principle, the existing forms are the key to success for the stronger sex.

Therefore, the dream beauties too slim beauties to increase the meat on the bones. True, it often turns out to be difficult and time consuming: what can you do, getting better is harder than losing weight.

Consult a doctor

As with any change in the body, weight gain must be approached responsibly. It does not hurt to consult a doctor – perhaps the fact that you are not recovering is due to some disease of the endocrine or digestive system, with spinal curvature.

Eat right

If you are a healthy person, but with a thin physique, and want to get better at the same time, prepare for the fact that, first, you will have to reconsider the food system.

Let’s start with the fact that now you have to eat at least three times a day at the same time. Light snacks are required between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Portions should be increased gradually, depending on the appetite. To the appetite broke out, before eating, you can drink a glass of apple juice, mint infusion, eat fruit.

Do not force yourself to absorb food with huge plates – overeating is unlikely to have a positive effect on your well-being. Better take care not to feel the feeling of hunger, that is, have a snack from time to time.

The nutrition of a person seeking to recover should consist mainly of protein and carbohydrates. Fats are also necessary, but, within reasonable limits.

Feel free to include meat, fish, eggs (no more than 2 per week), cottage cheese (low-fat) and especially chicken in the daily menu in order to saturate the body with proteins.
Eat potatoes, pasta, bread, cereal – they contain large amounts of carbohydrates. Sweets are welcome, but in a certain amount, as excessive love for chocolate, candy and liver is punishable by problems with digestion, and, therefore, skin.

Include in your diet vegetable, olive and butter, sour cream, drink milk and kefir – sources of fat.

Snack on fruits (such as high-calorie bananas), nuts. Drink not only plain water to quench your thirst, but also milkshakes, fruit juices.

Do not forget to have breakfast. The first meal, despite the fact that many people cannot eat a lot in the morning, should carry about 40% of the daily calories. An excellent breakfast for a recovering person – porridge with milk, pancakes or a sandwich with cheese and butter, cocoa.

Dinner is as important as lunch. If earlier in the evening you were getting along with cottage cheese or a sandwich, then now is the time for beef stew or chop. True, it is better to have dinner at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

In general, it seems to me that in order to get better, it is enough to repeat the ration of the pioneer camp. Remember how healthy, ruddy and cheeky you came from there as a child.

It is not surprising, because there you ate milk porridge with white bread and cheese for breakfast, a three-course dinner, cookies and juice for lunch, a meat dinner and the fifth food — bagels or drying and kefir. And, it seems, they did not give large portions to anyone, but everyone, even the leanest children, got better.

After eating you should relax a bit, lie down or just sit quietly. Remember this saying: Why is the cat smooth? Ate, yes sideways? Take it into service.

So, everything is more or less clear from the menu. The second point of the correct weight gain is physical activity.

Physical exercise

Exercise is simply necessary if you decide to get better, otherwise, the result of your work will be only saggy tummy.

However, physical education is worth without grueling hard training. Swimming in the pool, practicing yoga and dancing will not make the figure veiny, but at the same time will save you from the possibility of accumulating excess fat.

Sleep like a baby

The third rule is healthy sleep. It ensures the normal absorption of nutrients that you have received from food.

We throw bad habits

If you smoke, then there is a fourth point for you: you should quit a bad habit. Perhaps she was the cause of your thinness.

Problem in the head

All these points and rules you can easily practice if you prepare yourself psychologically. Agree, to be thin pretty comfortable – you are active, easy-going, pulled up. Is that bones rattle.

Therefore, many skinny people unconsciously make restrictions for themselves: do not eat this, after 6 do not have supper, etc., in order to continue to control your weight.

Often, these rules become a way of life, and it seems to a person that he cannot eat differently: he eats like an elephant and simply cannot recover. This is a great excuse for others, who are constantly tormented by questions when you finally get better.

This is exactly what my sister does. Thin from birth, she also eats like a bird, complaining that she simply can no longer and, telling everyone that she really wants to get better. Of course, about any weight gain here and there can be no question.

So, if you understand that you need to get better, but you are afraid to seriously do this, be sure to hold an educational conversation with yourself and promise yourself that you will start worrying again about the figure only after you have gained, for example, 5-7 kilograms you need.

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