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How I won a plateau on a lean diet, how to become slim

The numbers on the scales can work wonders: raise and spoil the mood, push for a change in diet, encourage beautiful handbags and promise a trip to the Canaries.
But sometimes, moving a few kilograms, they remain unchanged for quite a long time. It seems to be an effective diet, and do everything as it should, but the numbers are frozen in a hated constancy. I also encountered the so-called plateau effect.

The last couple of years losing weight is my main hobby. I can not imagine my life without diets (sometimes breakdowns), the gym and an active lifestyle.

At the very beginning of my big weight loss, I began to adhere to proper nutrition – I ate healthy foods and eliminated fat, flour and sweet. Began to visit the gym more often.

As a result, my weight began to creep down smoothly and steadily. This went on for about a month, during this time about 3 kg was lost with little effort.

Unexpected difficulties

I hoped that it would always be so until I achieved the desired result, but suddenly an unexpected obstacle appeared on my way – my weight stopped, although I still continued to eat and kill in the gym.

This lasted for more than 2 weeks and made me completely disheartened. Increasingly, people began to visit the idea that all my efforts were in vain, and I really wanted to seize my sufferings with something tasty.

Having rummaged on the Internet at sites losing weight, I found information that my temporary stagnation is a plateau, and there is nothing terrible about it. It is during the break in slimming that the skin is tightened, the body gets used to its new weight, rests and prepares for the next spurt.

All this is correct and understandable, but at that moment I was not comforted by this, because I really wanted to continue the successfully started.

This problem worried me more and more, I spent hours on the Internet in search of at least some solution. Going into one of the groups on weight loss in the social network, I came across an interesting diet with the intriguing name of skinny.

The essence of a lean diet

The menu, which suggests a lean diet, is very meager and does not require special culinary talents. Here is a sample list of products for each day:

  • first day – 200 g of yogurt and a liter of milk
  • second day – 200 g of cottage cheese (nonfat), 1 liter of juice without sugar
  • the third day – 1 liter of non-carbonated mineral water, 200 g of boiled potatoes
  • fourth day – 200 g of fish, 1 liter of juice without sugar
  • the fifth day – 1 kg of apples, 1 liter of non-carbonated mineral water
  • the sixth day – 1 liter of juice without sugar, 200 g of boiled meat without salt
  • the seventh day – 200 g of cottage cheese or yogurt, 1 liter of kefir

If you strictly follow this principle of nutrition and do not include foreign foods in the diet, then a lean diet will show good results (4-5 kg ​​for 7 days). Especially effective will be its use in combination with feasible physical exertion.

Observe this method of losing weight longer than a week is not recommended, as there will be a lack of nutrients that are indispensable. The body will begin to save energy due to low calorie foods, which will lead to disruption of the metabolism, after which you will recover from any product.

The exit from the lean diet should be smooth, gradually include in the diet foods in small portions.

Worth trying

Seeing the menu of this diet for the first time, I was horrified. For me, she seemed like a real hunger strike, but there was no time to think, and I decided to try.

Oddly enough, the diet was tolerated very easily, and after 2 days I noticed the first result – minus 1.5 kilograms. My joy knew no bounds. I enthusiastically continued on, saying goodbye every day to another kilogram.

Observed everything without disturbances and disruptions, also added physical exertion in the gym. As a result, over the week I lost 4 kg, which I could not cope with before, and was grateful to the authors of the diet for honest promises.

The main thing is not to get involved

The most important thing in this diet is not to get carried away and do not continue for more than one week, rejoicing at the results achieved. Diet, though effective in compliance with all its rules, but very heavy and hungry.

It is also important to get out of the diet correctly, not to lash out at everything, but gradually add new healthy and healthy products in order to consolidate the result and not get back the kilos lost with such difficulty.

Also, you shouldn’t be heavily loaded and torture yourself with workouts. After all, the daily diet during a lean diet does not exceed 400 calories, and in the gym we burn about 500, which can be detrimental to the body.


At the end of the diet, I continued proper nutrition, and the successfully dropped weight never returned.

It should be remembered that such an extreme diet is only suitable in order to throw a few pounds to some event or to move the weight off the ground, as in my case.

You should not abuse it, because proper weight loss is not a diet for a couple of weeks or months, but an awareness of responsibility for your own life-long health.

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