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How I lost weight, and what came of it, how to become slim

Immediately, I note that by nature I am a typical Slavic woman, who will stop an elephant at a gallop, and tear off his trunk to him. With my meter seventy-four, I am very pleased with wide hips and high breasts of the fourth size. But sometimes I am tempted to wear a short skirt, complete with a high heel.

My path to the perfect figure

Thin I have never been. My mother is stout and grandmother. I completely inherited their build. I lost weight only once in my life, and then by chance. She poisoned the sea and a week only saw the water. And active rest, all the time on his feet. As a result, then came home three sizes smaller than left to rest.

And after childbirth, stretch marks, a tummy and a complex set of hormonal problems appeared. In general, she pulled herself together and decided to try out a diet that I liked something. The first is that the diet is relatively cheap, without any ingredients of transcendental value.

Secondly, it was developed by doctors especially for people with overweight who are preparing for operations. That is, using this approach to nutrition, you can lose up to 14kg of excess weight in just a week.

Pros – really fast and high quality. Cons – a big blow to the body. With hunger, you will not be bent, but bowel problems are guaranteed. Moreover, if the diet is used at home, in order to achieve the ideal figure, physical activity is obligatory. If you do not do at least some exercises, the skin will simply begin to sag, since it does not have time for weight loss to become elastic.

And, of course, after the diet kilograms will arrive at twice the speed, if you do not change your daily diet and continue to go and see the refrigerator at any time of the day or night.

What will be required for a diet:

  • 6 onions.
  • 1 small cabbage.
  • 2 green peppers.
  • 1 celery root.
  • Tomatoes (to taste, but I recommend as much as possible – they interrupt the disgusting taste of this brew).
  • Bouillon cube.

All ingredients are cut into small cubes and filled with water. All this should boil over a high heat for about ten minutes, and then over a low heat the vegetables are cooked until fully cooked (until they are soft). As a bonus, you can add salt, pepper or sauce to taste.

I peppered this brew from the heart. Then the traditional ban on all fried, flour, alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Diet lasts a week.

  • First day – we eat the cooked vegetable soup, eating it with any fruit, except bananas. I personally recommend apples, but this is everyone’s business. All drinks without sugar (you can tea and coffee, at its discretion).

  • Second day – the same soup in combination with vegetables (not peas, corn, beans). Personally, I prefer the same tomatoes, but have not yet refused cucumbers. By the way, the latter can be both in a living form (in the sense, directly from the garden), and in the form of conservation.

  • The third day – soup complete with fruits and vegetables.

  • Fourth day – soup, vegetables, fruits (one banana is already allowed here, although it is better to stay exclusively on apples).

  • Fifth day – soup, tomatoes, a piece of boiled beef (no spices, salt, butter).

  • Sixth day – soup, boiled beef and vegetables again.

  • Seventh day – soup, vegetables, boiled brown rice (I had problems here, because I had never seen such rice in my own markets, I had to ask a girlfriend – she brought me a bag from Belgorod). This is a special rice for sushi, by the way, it is not even brown, but almost black. And stew a little longer than usual. And, again, without salt and other spices.

In addition to all of the above, you need to drink a lot of liquid – at least three liters per day. And another feature of the diet – this very soup can be eaten as much as your heart desires. Although the whole day does not come off the plate.

Only now he did not go to me. I know for sure that everything was cooking right, and all the ingredients for the soup were fresh. Only now it has turned me away from him in such a way that it is scary to say. Moreover, it began to seem to me that the whole apartment, every thing, was saturated with this smell of boiled vegetables. Even the cat smelled of this boiled pepper with tomatoes.

In general, having tried this brew once, I still lost weight, because after that I couldn’t eat anything at all for three days – it just turned me over for the sight of any food. In general, the result of the diet is more than successful – in three days I dropped 2 kg. Only then decided not to experiment.

And yet, my advice to you, if you decided to try this miraculous recipe on yourself – this soup should be eaten only hot, because it is simply not perceived by the stomach otherwise. A disgusting combination of vegetables that still makes me shiver.

In general, I told you, and then try it yourself. Maybe someone will have a better result than me. I sincerely wish you good luck.

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