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How I lost 18 kg, how to become slim

I have a whole story with losing weight. It turned out that losing weight is not so difficult if you know exactly why you are doing this.

18 pounds extra

I gave birth to two children in a row, I did not have time to lose weight after the first pregnancy, as the second one appeared. As a result of these physiological processes, an extra 18 kilograms appeared on my slender body. My weight was 81,800.

At that time, I tried not to take pictures and not look at myself in the mirror. The situation was further complicated by the fact that I (subconsciously) perceived myself still as a girl of 46 size, closer to 44.

In the store, she came up to the hangers with things of 48 size and did not understand why the sellers had such strange faces. I think they were laughing at me.

In search of an incentive

I needed an incentive that would tear me out of the captivity of those extra pounds.
Frankly, the words: Pull yourself together! Need to eat less! You’re still young, and you have everything ahead – no impact.

But I have one weakness that saved me later. I love miniskirts and high heels. All my youth passed on heels with bare legs. And to them it is desirable to wear a scoring look top.

Allowing myself to look like this at size 54 I, of course, could not.

When I began to hand out my skirts, T-shirts and shoes to thinner girlfriends, my husband, by the way, said: I like you any, if you want, do not lose weight. But understand, glamor is not waiting, and you are not younger.

Psychological aspects

He said nothing more and went about his business. But for me, his words became an anchor, the brain caught on them, and the number of kilograms began to count down.

I took the path at the end of which I could get my slim body, my image, my clothes back.

I can not say that I was hard to lose weight. But the process was quite long – 8 months, that was what weary.

The most difficult factor to cope with is waiting for an instant result. I wanted to lose a pound every day, but this does not happen.

I know that many women cannot pass this psychological threshold, but somehow they have to try. As soon as I accepted the fact that I would need time, it became even easier for me. After all, the time margin allows you not to sit on diets around the clock, and a couple of days in the process of losing weight you can eat like a person.

Weight loss system from me

The first kilos go very quickly. And in order to support myself morally, I started a rigid diet at the very beginning and lost 3 kilograms in five days.

Hooray! A start, I am less than eighty! – it was just a holiday.

I didn’t sit further on hard diets. It was late autumn, then winter, but I still ate fruit: apples, pears, bananas (I don’t like oranges). Fruits lay in huge numbers in the kitchen, expecting a tide of hunger from me every minute.

I ate and ate kilograms of fruit, and my kilograms went and went.

After the 73’s

When my weight dropped to 73 kilograms, it became heavier. The figure has taken shape, the terrible folds on the stomach have become smaller. It’s time to open the second breath …

But it was at this time that the body gets used to the new diet, and the weight begins to go not so active.

I added a sport to my diet. Four cardiovascular exercises on step – every week.

But at the same time I decided to eat everything – only in small quantities. Still, the basis of food was fruits and vegetables, but I ate meat, cottage cheese, cheese, fish, cheese, smoked sausage (6 thin ringlets), 2 cookies a day, drank tea with sugar.

Absolutely excluded the potatoes, pasta, loaf, bread. At the moment I don’t eat them, I forgot the taste and now I don’t want to.

Weight stop

The weight stopped going when I became 68 kilograms. Sport formed a beautiful body, but the extra 4 kilograms remained somewhere else.

Since my morale did not fade away, and I clearly knew what I wanted, I again went on a strict diet. Perhaps the most hungry in my life: 10 days on yogurt. I admit, this diet has exhausted my body.

Until now, I was perfectly tolerated in my diet, since I allowed myself to consume everything, but in small portions. And I did not have an obsessive desire to eat something special, by the way, is also a very serious psychological aspect in losing weight.

With the kefir diet, I had a weakness, and was strongly drawn to sleep. But I must pay tribute to the product, I became 64 kilograms.

My joys

My first shopping trip just got me drunk. The seller in one of the pavilions said: You, thin, you can afford everything, and I burst into tears.

When someone speaks about will power with me, I remember how I regained myself – myself. It’s worth it.

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