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B-flexy in the fight against cellulite, how to become slim

Fighting cellulite is my hobby. Although at the moment I really hope that all the same – a former hobby. For the past 4 months, as I practically do not observe it.

for all

  1. We all know that the main thing in the fight against this evil is proper nutrition.
  2. Then maintain the water balance.
  3. Exercise can also help.
  4. And 4 points I can safely write – massage.

On the massageBflexy

I got on B-flexy by chance, I heard it before, as if it eliminates cellulite, but somehow I didn’t really believe this miracle. And here in the cabin near the house there was an action, magic words Discount! 50%! captured me and I purchased a subscription for 10 massage sessions of 55 minutes each.

From the first visit came the realization that the procedure is 100% mine. The rollers hurt the body, the skin groaned, I, too, was hurt in places, in some places pleasant.

The masseur promised that after 4 sessions the result will be noticeable, only it is necessary to observe points 1-2 and come every other day.

I don’t want to recall the second and third visits. My hips and hips were one solid bruise, and when the vacuum sucked in my skin, I bit my fists.
Seeing my suffering, Lena offered to reduce the power of the device (it can vary from 75 to 100% in 5% increments). But I have a principle: the money is paid, which means that the result should be the maximum.

So, we fought: I – with pain, the massage therapist – with cellulite.


But, girls, believe me, it was for the sake of what to endure. I’ll start with the best for the worst.
Back of thigh completely smoothed out.

Buttocks tightened up, and their shape became more clear.

Tummy we massaged little, but there was a feeling that I was rocking the press, so clearly the stripes appeared. Lena said this is normal, as the vacuum tones not only the skin, but also the muscles. Due to the fact that there is resistance to the rollers and pain, they are constantly tense.

Boca succumbed to pressure from very active. They are large and I really wanted to remove them. Succeeded. The volume decreased, and they stopped ugly to stand out near the waist.

We did a massage forearm. I do not know about you, but I just feel that cellulite wants to attack my hands. Also a painful area, but worth the effort. The skin tightened, but I would like to spend more time on your hands.

Front surface hips I was pleased much less. Basically, it also became flat, but internal the part is still a little bumpy. But this is natural. After all, here is the most delicate skin. Accordingly, the pain is the strongest. We did not manage to increase the power of the device in this zone to 90%.

The masseur advised me to take a few more sessions for 30 minutes and massage only this zone, but I decided to watch the result and come a full course in a couple of months.

Observations after a few months

Later 2 months I still wore a mini mini. The skin condition has not changed: beautiful, taut. Is that the tummy was not in such a cool tone.

After 3 months slightly weakened buttocks, cellulite tread. But otherwise the result remained.

4-5 months a little more flabby skin on the inside and front of the thighs.

But the back of the thighs remained smooth.

Masseur Mastery

Six months later, I repeated the B-flexy course, but my Lena worked only for the first few sessions. Then the master changed, and I felt the difference. I realized that the magic is not in the vacuum massage itself, but in who does it.

My master (Lena) works very intensively: she presses on the rollers with great force, makes many movements. The skin just burns under the iron, it burns muscles inside, and when the rollers are removed, the muscles pulsate a little, twitching, like after a big workout in fitness.

The second sign of skill. A good masseuse will never regret your high power apparatus. I later learned that the greater the power of the device, the harder it is to roll the rollers through the body. But the master is, in fact, the master who is sick with the patient for the result. Lena always exhibited 95-100% and worked with full dedication, so that the result pleased me.

When a massage therapist is weak (hands) or indifferent to the effect on a foreign body, he turns on the device at low power. Does massage very slowly; the sensation that the iron is barely made does not lean on the body. The skin does not feel warming, pulsation, and the patient does not feel pain.

After a while I met women who did B-flexy. Not all of them treated massage with such enthusiasm as me. I think this is due to the fact that the master was not the best. So my advice: take a trial lesson and listen to your body. It will tell you, is your procedure or someone wants to freebie for your money.

I recommend B-flexy to fight cellulite. If it were possible to evaluate the result on a 10-point system, then it would put 9.

How do you fight cellulite?

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