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5 things to control weight, how to become slim

You can, of course, lose weight at random. Well, go kg – great. And why do they leave and how – what’s the difference? Another thing is that with this approach you will not lose weight seriously and for a long time.

Therefore, I propose to take the weight of your own body under complete and tight control. Feel like a scientist who takes measurements every day.

True, the reward for you will not be a scientific discovery, but an understanding of how your own body reacts to one or another factor. For example, someone gets fat from cheese, and someone from jogging 3 times a week loses more than during fasting, etc.

Thanks to these things, you will better understand your body and its needs.


You need to weigh up 1 time in 2 days, always in the morning on an empty stomach.

With such a systematic weighing, I, for example, made an interesting observation: it costs me to sleep at night – 1.5 kg is provided the next morning.

And here is another interesting fact already from the field of science: American researchers based on the observation of 3000 patients found that those who weighed every day made rapid progress in losing weight.


This is often the case with athletes: you are on a diet, do not break, but all the weight does not go away or goes away very slowly.

Therefore, measuring waist and hips is a sure way to evaluate the results of your actions. Indeed, it is one thing to lose weight due to the loss of muscle mass (weight goes away quickly, but do not wait for a beautiful relief), another thing due to burning subcutaneous fat (weight goes slowly, but visually).

And here’s an example: I weigh 58.5 kg with height of 168 cm. It seems that the weight is a bit overweight. However, I wear size XS, my waist size is 69 cm, hips – 92.

Kitchen scales

The ability to determine by eye how much this or that product weighs – not everyone can boast. Or rather, in general, very few people. Hence, nutritional errors. Our brain is designed to lower the true weight of products.

Before acquiring a kitchen scale, imposing a full plate of porridge, I was sure that it was quite a bit or some hundred grams.

It became a discovery for me that 100 grams of porridge is only 4 spoons. The same situation with fruit. Why, there’s only one pear eaten, and now I know that the average pear is as much as 300 grams, and not at all.

Food diary

Whoever counts calories probably knows what a food diary is. But, you see, a paper diary or computer diary is very difficult to keep. After all, you will not be sitting in a cafe with friends, write down every calorie eaten in a notebook. And also the handle may not be near.

Food diary in the phone – it is always at hand. I prefer the myfitnespal application, but there are thousands of such free programs.

So, this application calculates, based on your data, how many calories you need to consume per day.

Depending on the goal of losing weight by 0.5 kg per week, losing weight by 1 kg per week, etc. The app adjusts the number of calories you need for losing weight.

Then just record what and in what quantity (that’s why you need kitchen scales!) You ate during the day, and the application itself counts the calories, as well as how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you consumed.

The program has an extensive database of products. You just need to type three, or even less letters of the name, and the wonder-technology already gives out a list. If there is no product, then you can create your own dish.

Myfitnespal has another very convenient function – it remembers what you eat most often, makes a list of these products and thus simplifies the search.

You can also record the type and duration of any physical activity (from walking to cleaning the house), on the basis of which the program considers the number of calories you have spent.

However, be careful, the data is very approximate, and if the application says that you burned 500 Kcal, this is not a reason to eat a cake or to eat your success with pork shashlik. Share this figure in two.

Fitness bracelet

If you need to know exactly how many calories you burn per day, then the best fitness bracelet (or smart bracelet) you will not find.

The mode of action is simple – the minicomputer hidden under the design shell reacts sensitively to all your movements, and also considers the pulse.

Just put the bracelet on your hand and forget about it. At the end of the day, connect to the phone, and then a little miracle happens!

He gives you how many steps were taken per day, what is the consumption of calories during physical activity and rest, and, finally, a very accurate total consumption of calories.

Thanks to this gadget, you will know exactly when you can afford to relax in food (for example, because you did a spring cleaning for the whole day), and when it’s better to eat within your standard (spent the whole day at the TV at home or at the office computer) .

Do not think that such control over your own body will somehow limit your freedom. On the contrary! Control will free you from remorse when you eat a piece of your favorite cake.

After all, you will know for sure that you burned the 500 Kcal today, because you ran intensively, or you will burn it, because you will run.

Girls, and who else have any fitness apps installed on their mobile phones? I would like to learn new things for myself!

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