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The first days of a child’s life, kids

Nine months behind and now you see your baby for the first time. Describe what mom feels is impossible. In addition to love and tenderness, perhaps, every mother is visited by fear and doubt. How to care for your baby, how to feed, swaddle? And a lot of questions that worry every young mother.

The first days in the hospital

We in the hospital the baby is in the ward with his mother. Mainly in the ward of 3-4 people, in paid – two. With the eldest daughter I was in the common ward, we had three young mothers. I myself wanted it this way, I thought, suddenly there will be experienced women who will help in caring for a child. But no luck, all were primiparas.

The first days the daughter slept a lot, and all the children almost all the time sleep and eat. If milk is enough, the baby is healthy, then this is normal.

In the maternity hospital, the child is examined every day by a pediatrician, the first tests are done there, and various procedures are performed if necessary. For example, the neighbor’s daughter had a little yellow one; she was put under special lamps for almost the whole day.

Discharged from the hospital for 5-7 days depending on the course of labor. Before discharge, the child must be examined by a pediatrician, and a BCG vaccination is given to him if the mother agrees.

First days at home

Often, returning home from the maternity hospital, young mothers feel even more alarming. Now, because there are no doctors, nurses who will help at any time, they will give advice. Need to independently monitor the baby.

But do not panic. A child may cry for various reasons, because he still does not know how to speak. If the child has a fever, an unclear rash appears, then immediately call a doctor! By the way, the first month of the baby’s life the nurse from the clinic should visit you every week. Came to us.

There are a lot of troubles at home: washing, cleaning, ironing and cooking. It seems that there is not enough time for anything, but do not forget about rest, the young mother really needs a good sleep. If the child does not sleep at night, try to sleep with him during the day.

My husband helped me in many ways, stroking diapers, doing wet cleaning.


As a rule, newborns sleep a lot. The norm is sleep 18-22 hours a day. Waking periods are very small.

But all the kids are different. My girls didn’t sleep much, but my nephew slept almost all the time. During the periods when my children did not sleep, they could just lie down and look at everything they see around them.


I nursed my eldest daughter only for six months. But the youngest in the maternity hospital was given complementary foods, but when we returned home, she only had enough of my milk.

About feeding many have disputes: feed by the hour or on demand? I fed on demand, it seems to me that this is better than forcing the child to eat if he is not hungry, and the time has come. But, I noticed that the eldest daughter requested the breast approximately every three hours. But the younger one was ready almost all day and all night not to let go of her chest. Her nipples did not suit her, but she refused the mix.


The first months of bathing children need every day. The first days we bathed in boiled water, we also added potassium permanganate or chamomile. But in principle, many do not boil bathing water for newborns. It all depends on the purity and hardness of the water.

We washed the children with solid baby soap. Bathed in the bath with a stand.


Special attention requires umbilical wound. It must be treated with hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green until complete healing.

You also need to gently clean the nose, ears. We wiped the wrinkles with baby oil after the bath.

Be sure, when the child is not sleeping, you need to completely undress him and leave for a few minutes to take air baths. Also follow a walk in the fresh air with the baby. We walked even in the winter immediately after discharge from the hospital, if the temperature was not lower than -15 degrees.


Many parents and me, including, were tormented by the question: how to dress the baby? I tried to wear not too warm, so that the children did not sweat. And almost did not swaddle their children. Because of what disputes arose with the mother, who believed that thanks to swaddling the children grow calmer.

My girls constantly strived to escape from the diapers, pulled out the arms and legs. In the end, I threw diapers and wore blouses, pants, and mittens on the handles.

In the first days of life, the child gets used to the new environment, everything is new for him, and the parents must be constantly close so that the child feels confident and protected.

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