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Sounding the tear channel, kids

I went to read about breastfeeding and decided to write about my story. A year ago, I had no idea about this procedure. But, unexpectedly, we with the baby had to learn about it. The son was in the very 5% of newborns who suffer from obstruction of the lacrimal ducts.

Usually obstruction leads to the development of dacryocystitis, that is, to the inflammation of the lacrimal sac. And often this child’s diagnosis is made at the maternity hospital. Or during the first month of life. We did it a little differently.

Immediately after the birth, the doctors noticed absolutely nothing strange. I do not even know how it happened, but on examination in 1 month the optometrist also said that the eyes are completely healthy.

But at 3 months I saw that my left eye began to fester. It was very similar to conjunctivitis (the dacryocystitis is often confused with it). As a child myself, I often hurt them, so I decided to do what my mom used to do: just drop albumin into a sore eye.

It all started on Friday night and there was a weekend ahead. After waiting them out and realizing that nothing was changing for the better, we went to an oculist’s appointment (on occasion, to another) to the children’s clinic. She examined both eyes and made her conclusion: on the left, her son had dacryocystitis. This is how this diagnosis officially appeared in our card.

And it was not even a purulent discharge. The doctor clearly showed me the difference: the healthy right eye looked completely dry, and there was a tear in the sick left, as if the son was about to cry. And then I remembered that I had already noticed it somehow before, but did not attach any importance. I thought: you never know, maybe just such a feature.

Naturally, as soon as we returned home from the clinic, I began to call everyone I knew and asked about this problem. She also literally rummaged through the entire Internet in search of information about dacryocystitis and sensing. I found out: this phenomenon occurs more often than I expected. And even among my friends and relatives there were a lot of cases.

In what case is probing necessary

All children before birth have a tear duct closed with a stopper resembling gelatin. This plug protects the duct from the amniotic fluid. With the first sigh and cry, at birth, this traffic jam breaks through.

If this does not happen, then there are difficulties with the outflow of tears from the eye. And then this phenomenon appears, which oculists call a tear. This source of infection leads to dacryocyan. The child’s eyes begin to fester. Sometimes only one, and sometimes both.

The son was born weak (5/7 by Apgar) and screamed at once and sluggishly. That is how I explained to myself the reason for our problem. Now it was necessary to find its solution, alternative to sounding.

But sounding is not a panacea. In some children, obstruction occurs due to the curvature of the nasal septum or some pathologies in the development of the lacrimal canal. In such cases, surgery is required much more complicated and at an older age. And simple sounding will be inefficient.

The optometrist briefly told us about the operation, but asked not to rush and not to worry: Let’s try to cope without probing. Since the eye, according to her conclusion, did not fester strongly, she issued the following recommendations 10 days in advance:

– Drip Levomycetinum in the eye 3 times a day.

– Rinse the affected eye with tea or chamomile infusion.

– After washing and instillation, and indeed as often as possible, do a special massage.

Massage technique doctor showed me at the reception. But I additionally watched a few videos on the Internet. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now and everything is explained very well.

The son quickly got used to the massage and, judging by his reaction, even began to receive pleasure from it. The child should hold a massage of the lacrimal canal with clean hands with short cropped nails. The basic technique is to press harder and perform something like vibrating jolts.

As the doctor said: the more often you do, the better. And I had the feeling that I would soon wipe the face of the child to the holes, as I was doing massage 15 times a day. Although I read that massage is effective only for children 1-2 months of life and was afraid that he would not help us, she still continued the prescribed treatment.

Every time I looked at the sore eye in the hope of seeing the changes. It almost stopped festering, but the tear was still standing. The improvement occurred dramatically, the day before the second visit to the optometrist. The son was not himself all day: not that he was crying, but shouting hysterically. For no apparent reason.

I don’t know if his terrible mood played a role, but we broke through the traffic jam! The eye stopped tearing, which was confirmed by the doctor herself. The diagnosis remained, but already in question. We were told to appear as early as 6, 9, and 12 months. And in the end, the diagnosis was withdrawn. And all this time I continued the massage, the doctor ordered it in order to avoid a relapse.

By the way, my friend’s son was also given dianosis dacryocystitis, and in 2 months they already had a referral for probing. But a week before his child had a cold, and his mother every day was washing his nose, while doing a massage of the lacrimal canal. And it somehow miraculously helped! As a result, the doctors also removed the diagnosis.

Description of the probing procedure

Even if massage and washing did not help, then you should not be afraid. Sounding is a procedure, not an operation. And if the doctor recommends it, then it is advisable not to delay it. It is usually advised to hold it before the baby is 3-4 months old.

I have heard about the procedure itself both from those whose children have passed it recently, and from mothers whose children were babies 30-40 years ago. Comparing their stories, I came to the conclusion that over the years the sensing procedure has not changed a bit.

The most troublesome is preparation. The child will have to pass a bunch of tests. As one of my friends joked, as if for a flight into space. The procedure itself is carried out on an outpatient basis and lasts a few minutes. And most likely they will release you on the same day.

Anesthetic drops are instilled into the child’s eyes and swollen tightly. The doctor inserts the probe into the lacrimal canal, and then the lacrimal ducts are washed and processed with a special disinfectant solution.

And now the mother is given a crying bundle, but the child doesn’t cry for pain, but rather for indignation. Nursing mothers can immediately attach the baby to his chest, and he will immediately forget about the experienced procedure.

After sensing, it is recommended to continue rinsing the eye for a while and do a massage (already for prevention). And the effectiveness of the procedure is 90%. In case of relapse, it will be advised to repeat.

I know some mothers (and some of them are medical workers themselves), who, despite the advice of an optometrist, refused to probe. They believe that if the eye does not fester constantly, but just tears, then there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, in some children this is manifested only in the cold.

But this approach is not clear to me. Frankly speaking: if the massage would not help us then, and the doctor would insist on sounding, then I would certainly agree. A permanent source of infection in the eye of the child is completely useless. Moreover, he later did not recall the procedure carried out at such an early age.

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