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Sledge, ice house, snow scooter? What kind of winter projectile fits two years, kids

This winter we have been waiting for the snow for a long time, and our patience has been crowned with success. After the New Year, drifts finally appeared on the sides of the tracks, and the children poured out to ride the many slides.

In this regard, the question arose: what to ride on to our child, who was two years old a couple of months ago. In the process of solving this issue, we managed to try several winter projectiles (borrowed from friends, asked for a ride from the neighbors on the hill), so I had a definite opinion about each of them.

one) Sledge (500-4000r.)

As a child, it seemed to me that there is nothing more convenient and better than a sledge in Russian winter. Today, despite the great competition, the sled is also at the height.

Sledge we bought a child, they are based with the grandmother. They certainly have advantages:

– the child sits securely thanks to the backrest

– to drive sleds over the snowball is easy, much easier than a snow scooter.

– modern sleds are equipped with wheels for movement on asphalt, and, moreover, often have not only a rope, but also a comfortable handle for parents

– with the invention of such a simple and ingenious thing, like a warm foam rubber seat for sleds, there was no need to carry blankets

Cons, I also found:

– when riding from a hill it is difficult to steer

– it is better to ride from a slide on a sled on a flat surface, without jumps and tussocks, since there is no depreciation on a sled

2) Snow-scooter (from 1200r. And above)

Honestly, my husband and I doubted whether to buy a snow scooter for a two-year-old child. They bought it when they saw how the son was trying to take away the snow-scooter from his age, who was confidently sitting on it.

For the time being, I like almost everyone:

– it is convenient to reach the neighboring yard and even the store

– it is interesting for a child to ride a snow scooter: you can steer and honk

– the projectile easily rides through the snow, icy conditions and tolerantly scrapes on the asphalt

– even on our single snow scooter, two children or a child and a small adult can easily fit

– to ride a snow scooter from the mountain is a pleasure: obstacles are easily circled around, and springboards gently jump over

– you can only carry behind you, which is inconvenient when crossing the road: the child must be picked up

– almost no snowballs with back, and for two-year-olds it would not be superfluous. However, its absence is not critical, especially if the child easily reaches the helm and knows how to hold up well, and in two years they can do everything

3) A plate or tablet (300-1200 rubles)

This projectile is needed only for riding with slides.

As practice has shown, not every two-year-old thinks to raise legs when descending from a slope and slows them down, so it is better to take a larger plate so that the limbs can easily fit on it.

In addition, it is better for a baby to move out from some slides together with an adult, and a slender mom will fit on a large plate.

For our son, this option has caused delight. Most of all he liked to slide down a slide on such a thing. I think this is also because, due to its round shape, the projectile sometimes rolls on the slide.

4) Ice-boat (35-150r.)

In my opinion, buying a two-year-old ice-boat early.

Of all the familiar children, only one girl rolls on her normally. The rest – brake with heels in the snow, not realizing that it is enough to slightly lift the legs.

Of course, if you make some efforts, you can teach your child to ride on an ice-house, but there are also more convenient devices for descending from the mountain for two years.

We use ours as a shovel for now.

5) Inflatable cheesecake (from 1300r.)

Cheesecake – great winter fun. Of course, a two-year-old will ride a cheesecake with his parents. But the parents themselves will be happy to once again go down the hill gently, but quickly.

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