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ORZ: how to treat at home, kids

When the daughter was just born, and she had a runny nose, I was worried. One pediatrician said that he had a cold, the other, that a physiological rhinitis would pass by himself. It was then that I was puzzled by the choice of my method of treating a child’s diseases.
My mentors

The first time my daughter got sick, I called pediatricians. And, as usual, not one, so that the diagnosis and prescriptions are as objective as possible. The diagnosis more often coincided, and then I, having armed myself with knowledge from Dr. Komarovsky and American pediatrician Mendelssohn, treated my daughter myself.

Because I do not consider pills, medicines, injections, etc., useful for the immunity of the child. In my opinion, they only weaken the natural forces of the body, not allowing it to accumulate its own life experience for the benefit of the future.

First, I did not spare the money for a good humidifier, which did not allow the mucous membrane of the nose and throat to dry up. This prevented the microorganisms from spreading further into the body, the oversupply of which led to the disease. I chose the Boneco Air-O-Swiss 2055D as an air humidifier.

A runny nose, in our cases, has always been a clear sign that the disease is viral. And that means there is no point in worrying at all. Since the scheme at the same time worked out for me at 100%.

This is not a disease, but only a symptom of a malfunction in the body. And I did not shoot her down, even when it reached 40 °. Thus, I allowed my daughter’s immunity to cope with the focus of the disease in order to build up a stronger immunity in the future. And the temperature dropped in 1 day.

At the time of the heat, I was initially worried, because each time I re-read the chapter on the temperature of Mendelssohn in the book How to raise a child healthy despite doctors.

Therefore, she gave her daughter cranberry juice, compote, breast milk how many hours she would drink to avoid dehydration.

Runny nose and cough

Here our first assistants were salt water for wetting the nasal mucosa (aqualor and aquamaris, first drops, then sprays when the daughter grew up) and an inhaler with mineral water.

I dug the aqualore in the form of a game: first myself, then my father, then my daughter, so she agreed to it. In general, she didn’t like this procedure until the age of 2.5 years.

The inhaler reproduced water vapor, which further helped the mucous membrane of the nose and throat to be well hydrated. She also beat these procedures, and since it so happened that my daughter and I got sick at the same time, we breathed and took turns so that our daughter inspired us to breathe steam ourselves.

When coughing, I thought that these procedures were enough, the inhaler was amazingly coping with its function, and the cough was going on. Sometimes she could offer her daughter to rinse her mouth with chamomile or sage, which was the home of them.

But the rinsing daughter did not love even more, right up to the age of 3, therefore I didn’t particularly insist.

In general, I am very cold and comfortable at home at 24 ° C. When my daughter and I got sick, I immediately turned on the humidifier at full capacity, refilled the inhaler with mineral water, made more juice and opened the windows so that the temperature in the room was 18-21 ° C.

At the same time, we dressed so warmly so as not to freeze, that is, even fur slippers for me and a few pairs of socks for my daughter, warmer blouses, trousers on fleece. This is necessary so that the air is cool, not allowing viral pathogens to multiply on the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

I did not want to eat at the beginning of the illness at all. In this I completely trust my daughter’s body. And when she did not eat all day, but only saw — I treated it calmly. Moreover, my sick body had similar needs at this moment. As soon as we were hungry, we ate.

Exactly as much as they wanted.

It was easy, because even in ordinary life I never forced my daughter to eat something that she did not like, or as much as she did not want. She eats according to needs and, not only with me, but if she does not want at this moment, she can eat later. I never complained about my daughter’s appetite :-).

If during the course of the illness something was going wrong, as usual, I simply read the thematic chapters from the chapter of Mendelssohn again. Now, by the third year of my daughter, I don’t remember when I last opened this book, since everything is already clear in my head and I do not have any unrest at such moments.

Deadlines and Swine Flu

So, the common cold, we have passed for 2 weeks. Of course, the temperature subsided immediately (I am about 1 day), my daughter rarely coughs, only during an epidemic in the city of swine flu, he was gone for a week, and the rhinitis lasts the longest, because the total time is exactly 2 weeks.

The treatment of swine flu, we did not differ from the methods of conventional ARVI. And immunity prefers to strengthen also in the standard – common seasons, this is with the beginning of spring and autumn.

Once my daughter fell ill among the hot summer, I didn’t expect such a setup, but it turned out that the girl with whom my daughter was rolling down the hill had a cold. This became noticeable when mom approached her and suggested blowing her nose. So, it was not possible to avoid contact with the sick girl.
It was very warm and at home, because it was not possible to create a cool air temperature, but a humidifier, inhaler and aquamaris were at hand. Her daughter had no fever, and full recovery occurred after 8 days.

Ideally, it is better to avoid finding yourself and children with sick people, but in our life, in my experience, this is unrealistic.

Therefore, as soon as I understand that the season is coming, I immediately try to open the windows (we sleep at night), turn on the humidifier and drink more cranberry juice, which strengthens the immune system. Cool air, circulating in the apartment does not allow infection to stay too long in our home.

Such simple methods of prevention not only help to not aggravate the disease, but sometimes prevent it. There have been cases when we led a normal life, going to the shops, walking on the playgrounds at the time of exacerbation of the virus among the people around them and, at the same time, did not get sick themselves.

Thus, I was convinced that responsibility for the health of children lies only with the parents, and no one else. What would anyone advise us in this case, including doctors. I wish you and your children good health!

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