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One day from the life of a young dad, kids

Young mothers often get tired of the daily care of the baby. Sometimes it seems that there is no power left at all, the groundhog’s day is simply enraging, and there is no waiting for help from anyone.

It seems that here he, the husband, came home from work and immediately there come on, he didn’t even ask how many times a day you wiped a puddle on the floor and built houses of cubes.

But this is only a small part of the daily worries: cooking, ironing, feeding the baby, reading books to him, playing, rocking, and almost all of this is physical labor.

And in my head begin to rush thoughts that I wish my husband would be in my place – let’s see how he sang. But! And what is he like in his place? Is the life of a young father as simple as it sometimes seems to be wrapped up by mom?

So, before you one day in the life of a novice dad.

7-00. Rise

Waking up dad is not easy. In spite of the fact that at night mom, daddy is not deaf, has children drink and swing, he hears everything and also wakes up from time to time.

Dad needs to get out of bed so as not to wake the others. Therefore, dad deftly maneuvers between the scattered toys and tries not to stomp and stick his bare heels to the floor.

Dad does not eat breakfast. Since I am too lazy to pour tea and make sandwiches, but I can’t wake my wife up – she got up to the child at night and is quite able to gnaw through the throat for the extra half hour of sleep.

7-40. Output

Despite the fact that you can not wake anyone, dad need to somehow kiss his wife and child. Otherwise, she will ask about it in the afternoon, and if she finds out that she has not kissed her, she will be offended.

Dad also remembers that men who kiss their wives before work, according to statistics, earn more.

The road to work is dad’s personal time. That’s when he can play on the phone in tanks, shooters and similar intellectual games, sleep. Also, in the subway and train, Dad ponders working moments: how to make a plan and make money.

9-00 – 18-00. Job

At work, dad is not just sitting and sunflower seeds as she sometimes thinks mom. Dad works at work: he raises sales, tyrannies the staff, makes a bunch of reports, attracts customers. Dad is constantly concerned about success in his work, because it is only from him that the viability of the family now depends.

At meetings, unpleasant bosses are screaming at dad, about whom mom has already forgotten to think.

Periodically, dad has to be distracted from work in order to talk on the phone with his mother, who is in a hurry to ponit and complain about her hard life.

19-30. Dinner

After work, daddy hurries home. Not to the bar, not to friends, but only to the home.

At home dad is having dinner. Dine at work, he sometimes does not have time. Dinner dad combines with watching TV and so mom seems that dad is trying to pull the meal and lazy.

20-00. Child

In the evening dad plays with the child. Remembering his wife’s daily calls, Dad, despite his fatigue, takes a hit. He rushes around the house for his naked-eyed son, screaming and wincing, agrees to draw another cat and dog, and even sometimes cuts butterflies from colored paper.

Dad suffers when a child teases him with a stool or a cap, rolls him on the back like an elephant and teaches football the ball directly in front of the glass cabinet.

Daddy’s duties also include wiping the evening puddles on the floor.

3-4 times a week dad walks with a child in the evenings. From the walk both come satisfied and with the new machine.

21-00. Sport

Dad goes in for sports every other day. After the educational procedures, he locked himself in the room, lifted heavy dumbbells and wrung out. Dad – well done. Mom is not capable of this.

In those days when dad doesn’t play sports, he lets his mom lie down in the bath or write another article.

21-30. Relaxation

Noticing that the mother starts laying the baby to sleep, dad quietly sits at the computer and turns on his favorite football. Sometimes he manages to play for 20-30 minutes, but usually the mother comes in and asks or shakes his weighty child, or just sit with him while she prepares tea for the child.

22-30. Shower

Dad is finally hiding in the shower, from where no one will get him.

23-00. Sleep

Dad goes to bed. This does not mean that he will immediately fall asleep. For about an hour, the father will lie, talk, hug with his mother. And maybe something else …

In general, dad’s life is not so easy. And now, when I hear my husband have some children’s poems behind the wall, I understand that his help is the most valuable gift for me.

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