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My problematic breastfeeding experience, babies

Have you breastfed your baby? Or are you planning to breastfeed in the future? I really wanted to breastfeed my baby. I didn’t even have a doubt that something couldn’t work out for me. But it was not so easy this way, which it seemed to me.

It all started in the hospital. On the first day, the baby sucked my nipples to bruises and cracks. Each attachment was given to me with great difficulty, but only with my breasts could I calm the crying child.

Every day my mother brought me some new products for nipples – purilan, bepantenet. Nothing helped. On the third day, the nurses advised me on silicone nipple covers. They became my salvation.

In two weeks my nipples became crusted and healed completely. But the fear of repeating the situation did not give me the strength to abandon them.

To be honest, I am surprised at the attitude of medical staff to the issue of breastfeeding. Why didn’t any of a dozen doctors and nurses who visit me daily and know about my problems with nipples, showed me how to put the baby on the chest correctly?

It turns out that this is a whole procedure – to attach the child correctly. Only with the right attachment breastfeeding does not bring discomfort, pain and negative consequences.

On the third day milk came to me. It came in one breast in the axillary lobe. The right breast became huge and firm. The nurses said they should break up. But how? My mother and I worked out the chest, squeezing orange fat colostrum from narrow tubules drop by drop.

Also, the nurses said to do a half alcohol or cabbage compress. Have you tried to compress on your chest without affecting halos and nipples? Still constantly exploiting it? This is very problematic!

The baby is crying, the chest is swollen and hardened, the nipples are sore, the priest is all blue from injections, there is constant anxiety in the shower for the baby. The first days in the hospital left in my memory are not the most pleasant memories.

A month later, the baby’s weight showed a very small increase, which indicated a shortage of milk. I shoveled the entire Internet on breastfeeding and lactation. She ate and drank everything that was mentioned in recommendations in specialized forums.

I brewed lactational herbal mixtures, made carrot-nut-dairy tinctures, drank so much liquid that I was afraid to move away from the toilet further than 50 meters. She applied warm compresses and massaged her breasts. We even arranged a nesting period with the baby, after spending a week in bed with a breast in the mouth, developing lactation. But there was no result. The child was thin and constantly crying.

Breastfeeding Consultant

I’m a life perfectionist. I always want to do everything at the highest standard. Therefore, I approached the issue of breastfeeding with full responsibility and did not plan to give up. The next step was to call a breastfeeding counselor.

I learned about the consultant from the reviews. Also, one of the conditions was his membership in AKEV (Association of nutritional consultants).

A young female consultant spent more than 3 hours in my home in stories and recommendations on breastfeeding.

According to her, mom’s diet has little effect on the amount of milk. Mom can eat crackers with water, and the body from its reserves will form a full-fledged milk for the baby.

It turns out that two hormones are responsible for breastfeeding in our body – prolactin and oxytocin. The first provides the production of milk, and the second – its selection. The enemy of these two hormones is adrenaline. The one that is produced from stress, in which so often moms come for the first time.

Also, milk is produced as demand for it. The more the baby sucks, the more it is produced. And it is precisely the right attachment of the baby to the breast contributes to its complete devastation.

In my case, it was not possible to talk about the correct application of speech, because by that time I had been using silicone linings for 1.5 months. The child was not used to taking the breast correctly and we learned this again with her together. It took another two weeks to retrain. But nothing has changed.

Periodically, I decanted the breast with the help of a breast pump to look at the result, but it was unchanged. After a three-hour break, I could get about 80 g from two breasts, while the baby needed 120-140 grams.

At that time, it seemed to me that I would lose my mind. I constantly calculated the cycles, shifted the child from one breast to the other and was afraid to go for a walk, so as not to get on the baby’s hungry period. On the street there was a wild cold, and the cry of the baby on the street could give an unexpected surprise in the form of a red throat.

In the evenings, when the husband came home from work, and the child fell asleep, I cried and apologized to my husband for the fact that I am such a non-married woman and cannot breastfeed her child. But he was just amazed at my words and tears. Soothed me and offered a mixture, but I was unmoved. After all, others can breastfeed, why can not I?

One fine evening, when the child once again screamed, and I cried – my husband made a mixture and fed the child. The baby at that time was about two months old and from that moment the wall of my attitude towards breastfeeding, like a panacea, collapsed.

So we transferred the baby to mixed feeding. At first I breastfed the baby, and then fed the mixture. The child became calmer and began to gain weight. And along with it, I calmed down.

Thank God, in spite of the bottle, my daughter does not plan to give up her breast to this day, and she is already 10 months old. I was able to convince myself that even a portion of breast milk in the daily diet provides the baby with my antibodies and hormones.

Infant formula is no longer a mixture of powdered cow milk with glucose. The current mixture in its composition is not much poorer than breast milk and can make it a worthy replacement if necessary.

My personal conclusions from the current situation

During the period of two months of struggle for high-grade breastfeeding, I came to the unequivocal conclusion that everything is individual. One may eat, drink, and decant as much as you like, but if you are not exactly a milk breed, then you will not become one. And the kids need first of all a calm and balanced mother, and not a nutcase, nervously glancing at the clock.

But behind my shoulders such an experience that I fit myself to give paid advice.

Have you had any difficulties with breastfeeding?

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