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Ideas for children’s birthday, kids

First of all, I made three lists: make, buy, contests.

The following activities were included in the Make list:

– burn children’s songs to disk
– prepare a poster where guests could write congratulations
– make a wall newspaper poster (the first month of a daughter, the second, etc.)
– print 12 best photos and hang them on the wall
– make a menu for adults and children
– paper stretch Happy Birthday
– create a video from photos

I added all the necessary purchases to the Buy list, for example: CD-ROM, drawing paper, festive dress, comic gifts for guests, as well as necessary products for the holiday table.

Holiday program (how was the holiday):

Getting into the apartment, the guests first heard the children’s songs, which invited them to forget about the troubles and feel like a child again. The birthday girl greeted everyone with a smile and took them to a room that was colorfully decorated.

When all the guests gathered, the fun began.

According to the tradition, the guests are fed first, but I decided to change it a bit and to start having games for my daughter.

Game Choice of Fate

On the floor I laid out the items and asked Vika to pick something up. My daughter grabbed a candy moment, and then garlic, so that both hands were in business.

Garlic (carrot) – good health, wallet (bill) – will be rich, chocolate (candy) – sweet life, the book – will be smart, the tool – golden hands, ball of wool – symbolizes a long life, and the little ring – a good marriage.

Game Choice of profession

Each guest wrote a profession on a piece of paper. The leaves were crumpled and thrown on the floor. Vika came up and took two leaves with two hands, it was written on them: an artist-designer and a doctor. Everyone decided that Vika would be a plastic surgeon. It was very funny. 🙂

Horror Film Competition

For the competition it is necessary to boil chicken eggs in advance and put them in a bowl. To the participants to say that one egg is raw, and the rest are boiled. They say that it is necessary to break an egg on the forehead, who gets raw, the very brave and he is awarded a prize.

Be sure to warn the one who will cook the eggs about the competition. Our granny ruined everything when I told the rules that one egg is raw, granny said: It can not be, I cooked them all! Burst of laughter. But the competition was a success!

Festive dinner

In the center of the room they brought a small table, which was quickly decorated with dishes. At the festival there were no alcoholic beverages, only juice and compote. I decided, since this is a children’s holiday, it means there should be no adult drinks.

While the guests ate, I turned on the prepared video with photos.

When the meal was finished, I read a beautiful nursery rhyme and offered to continue the holiday while the magical sweet treat was being prepared.

Pencil competition

For this competition it is necessary to prepare two bottles with a narrow neck and two pencils (tie up the strings). Participants need to put a pencil in a bottle without hands. To do this, a string with a pencil is tied behind the belt of the participant.

The competition was very fun, almost all the guests participated in this competition, received comic prizes. One participant managed to put a pencil in a bottle in 12 seconds.

Fairy tale Prince rescues princess

This tale we played back in school. But it is still relevant.

The script is simple, you can think of many interesting details. I’ll tell you briefly how to beat her.

Actors: king, queen, prince, princess, nightingale, robber, horse, oak, three butterflies, three hogs.

Scenario: Once upon a time there was a king with a queen, and they had a wonderful princess. She loved to go for a walk in the meadow where a mighty oak grew, and under the oak they liked to run pigs. She approached the oak and loved to admire butterflies, which pleased her with their flight. One day, the Nightingale the Robber came to the glade and kidnapped the princess, and he put her into a cave. When the king and the queen learned about this, they burst into tears.

Past the kingdom drove the prince on his raven horse, he learned about the mountain and decided to save the princess. He rushed into the lair of the Nightingale the robber, caught him and tied him up. The princess was very pleased with her rescuer and rushed to thank him. They rode back to the kingdom and Nightingale the robber took with them. How happy parents were when they saw their princess! After that, they decided that the prince and princess would marry and live happily ever after.

Game: write roles on the leaves and ask the guests to choose by the leaf. And then read the script and the actors will have to play it.

As we had. Each guest got their own role. True, hogs and butterflies were one by one. My husband was a horse, and Grandma Prince. In the center of the room there was a scuffle with explosions of laughter. It turned out very unusual and fun.

After the tale it’s time to drink tea with sweets. Bengal lights were distributed to all the guests, which were lit when the cake was brought into the room. The little guests had their eyes lit up from the light show. By tradition, my daughter blew out a candle, and I made a wish for her.

After tea drinking, Vikuly cut off some hairs for memory, which they put in a bag and put them in a box.

After that began.

Bubble Dancing

Adults stand in a circle and launch children into it. Jars are distributed to create soap bubbles (3 pieces is enough) and during the dance they are allowed. Kids love it.

When the holiday came to an end, the guests on the drawing paper drew pictures and left wishes for the birthday girl.

I didn’t manage to organize the balloon. Because it was a birthday in the winter, it got dark early on the street.

The meaning is as follows. Guests dress and go out into the street, each is handed a balloon filled with gel and on command: one, two, three, let go of the balloons to the sky.

Good luck to you holidays!

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