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Hygienic pads for bra, kids

We, mommies, love our little ones. And we know that breastfeeding and time spent together create a new special connection between mother and child. We are no longer a single organism, but still very dependent on each other on the physical and emotional levels.

Features of my breastfeeding

For me, breastfeeding is associated only with positive emotions, despite the fact that my breast has one feature – very often milk is released spontaneously some time before the start of feeding, and during feeding with one breast it flows from the other.

It helps my daughter not to expend titanic efforts in order to eat. I do not want to walk in clothes wet with milk. Sanitary pads for the bra during breastfeeding help me to avoid this.

Today I will share my comparative review of this product of two brands of Johnson’s baby and Babydream. I will compare them by the following parameters:
– price and packaging;
– anatomical shape;
– absorbency and stealth;
– comfort.

Price and packaging

The first pads (Johnson’s baby) were purchased by me at the pharmacy, and the second (Babydream) at a regular supermarket.

For laying Johnson’s baby, I paid 60.25 hryvnia (about 200 rubles). The box contains 30 pads. The box itself has a convenient opening valve and contains information on the method of use, date of manufacture, composition and precautionary measures.

Babydream gaskets cost me 34.79 hryvnia (about 105 rubles) for a package with thirty gaskets. The packing of these gaskets is not inferior in information content and convenience (the presence of an opening valve) to the previous ones.

Anatomical shape

Babydream gasket has a circle shape with a diameter of 10 cm.

Johnson’s baby is also round, but has a more spherical shape, which follows the roundness of the breast and has a bulge in the center for the nipple. The size of these pads visually seems smaller than that of Babydream, but they are the same. A centimeter is lost due to roundness.

Absorbability and invisibility

I believe that the invisibility of the pads depends more on how well they cope with their task, and not on how close their shape is to the anatomical shape of the breast.

To understand which gaskets are able to absorb more moisture, consider what they are made of.

The composition of the Johnson’s baby pads: non-woven viscose fabric, cellulose filler, absorbent, adhesive, paper.

The composition of the Babydream pads: cotton, hot melt glue, silicone paper.

As you can see, in the first case the absorbent materials are cellulosic filler and absorbent, and in the second – cotton.

Since the absorbent absorbs moisture several times more than its own weight, and the surface of the gasket at the same time remains almost dry, Johnson’s baby gaskets protect better.

In fairness it should be noted that with those and others I was able to wake up at night in a puddle of milk.


I want to summarize my review by appreciating the comfort of using both products.

In my opinion, Johnson’s baby pads do their job better. Their only minus is the high cost.

Gaskets Babydream will be the best choice if you look for a more budget option.

And you used the pads for the bra during breastfeeding? If so, which ones?

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