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How to collect a child in the garden, kids

I decided to give my son to the garden from the age of two, so I’ll tell you the requirements for the nursery. We went last fall, and began to gather since spring. I was very worried, because it seemed to me that he was so attached to me that he simply could not with strangers. I wanted him to feel comfortable in kindergarten, so the list of things that you might need increased every day.

I came to the teacher of our group to meet her. She was a very nice and sweet woman. Well explained what you need for admission to the garden.

The list of necessary things for the child in the group:

1) removable shoes

We were asked to bring comfortable slippers in which he would walk in the group. Moreover, children in the nursery are asked to buy them with backs, as well as with a minimum number of fasteners and straps. We took two pairs in order to be able to wash it if it gets dirty or suddenly doused them with something.

2) change of clothes

These are clothes in which the child will walk in a group. I brought a lot of things, because son could not ask for a pot and write in his pants. When I came with a large package of things, the teacher decided that we would live there.

Generally needed:
– panties with a T-shirt – 2 pairs;
– shorts or pants, depending on the air temperature in the group;
– T-shirt or jacket with long sleeves.
– tights.

And the rest is up to you.

3) pajamas

In September, when we came to the garden, the children slept in shorts and a T-shirt, because it was very hot in the group. For the winter, I bought a beautiful pajamas with his favorite cars. But she is still thin, because the temperature in the group was never below twenty degrees.

4) oilcloth and two diapers

These are requirements in our garden only for nursery groups, since Many children at this age can be in a dream.

The rest of the things each garden requires are different. I stood in line in one garden, and went to another. We were in the queue in last place. When I came to take us to the group, it turned out that some things were missing. We had to buy a mattress, pillow and pot.

List of tutors

When we first came to the group, the teacher and nurse gave us another list of necessary things.

Among them were:
– cup, bib;
– rubber gloves and a brush for dishes;
– paints, pencils, an album for drawing;
– wet wipes, toilet paper;
– liquid and ordinary soap;
– several notebooks;
– plasticine and board for modeling.

But even for admission to the garden, we passed a physical examination and handed over some documents. About a month before the appointed date, I walked around the doctors with the child, passed tests. Then, with all the certificates and birth certificate, we were already received by the head.

That is, in principle, all that is needed in the garden. Now we have been walking for half a year. Son does not know, he is very interesting to play with other children, as well as learn something new.

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