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How to choose a paid pediatrician, kids

When I gave birth to my first child, I did not think that I needed a paid doctor. All my friends went to the district pediatrician and didn’t particularly complain, so I did not bother and trusted the child into the hands of my pediatrician, which I regretted more than once.

In a month I was told that my child would be a moron because he had a yellow one, although 2 weeks before that she looked and did not notice anything. At 3 months she said that the child sticks out his tongue, but this is not normal and sent to the endocrinologist.

As a result, I stopped going to her even once a month. That the child gaining weight was already visible, but otherwise her opinion was not important to me. When at 3 months my daughter had constipation, I called a paid doctor to the house on the recommendation of my friends.

Pretty young man worked as an infectious diseases specialist in the clinic. I took a cheap call for a challenge, about 140 rubles 4 years ago (35 UAH), and it seems to be an intelligent doctor, but I had no one to compare with.

What did not suit me:

1. Talked a lot, discussed other doctors, i.e. irregularity of their treatment. When I asked him a specific question, I wanted to hear a specific answer, but he could talk for a long time off topic.

2. I appointed test delivery in my clinic at the other end of the city, and it cost me a good amount to carry a baby to a blood test. Although I could have been tested in my clinic, and he would be told the result, moreover, the outpatient clinics are no different, both are public.

3. Often visited us on any trifles. He said that we need to pass tests, but he has no direction, so he will bring him to us next weekend. Brought, we donated blood and urine. The following weekend, he came to say that the blood was good, and urine should be re-taken. Why see each week? Such questions can be solved by phone.

In the end, we stopped working with him. At this time we moved, and got to another precinct. A woman is better than the previous one, but she did not particularly suit me in terms of treatment.

After we got to the hospital, and from her I did not achieve further treatment for the child, I went to another doctor for a fee. I paid 200 rubles (50 UAH). Of course she gave us a lot of time, she told and explained everything, but she also had many disadvantages:

1. She takes it, sitting in her office in the infectious disease ward, and she almost never goes to her house, only to some. Those. a sick child with a temperature needs to be carried to her.

2. For additional treatment sends to specific doctors, and warns them, and they also need to pay.

3. The diagnosis is correct, spends a lot of time, but the appointment does to the maximum.

And although a lot of people go to her, the queue is under the office all day, she did not suit me. And later I was disappointed in her and as a manager, because she absolutely does not know what is happening in her department, and she practically does not enter the wards to the sick.

I met the third doctor when my daughter was already 2 years old. She works as a neurologist at an orphanage. She comes home for 400 rubles (100 UAH) and sits until I understand everything, at first it took about an hour, but you can come to her, then the reception is 2 times cheaper.

She told absolutely everything how to feed, how to properly water during the illness. At the same time, she is a wise and faithful woman, so she can always encourage and support. We cooperate with her for the third year. But we solve many questions by phone, she specially appointed time for phone calls (10 am and 8 pm), and at that time I can call.

She always knows who calls her, what are the names of my children and me and what are our features of the organism. She never prescribes tests, especially paid ones, not once she helped me out, if she couldn’t come, then we were treated by another doctor.

For example, when the younger one had pneumonia and after a week of intramuscular antibiotics we were prescribed antibiotics inside, and a week after the first X-ray of the second, it was she who dissuaded me from such a stupid treatment, and it’s good that I listened to her.

At the moment I have something to compare with, and I made conclusions on the choice of a doctor:

1. A doctor must come home to a sick child.

2. Treatment should be administered at a minimum, and then supplemented as needed.

3. The doctor should not prescribe all tests in a row, especially paid ones, just in case for any reason.

4. Should not be imposed.

5. It is good if he supplements the main treatment with folk remedies.

6. There must be a telephone connection with the doctor so that he can monitor the progress of the disease and the correctness of the treatment.

The doctor always tells me to call her tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and tell her how things are, and sometimes 2 times a day to ask for the temperature or the chair, depending on what we are treating.

7. Should not send to a specific pharmacy or center for testing, having a percentage from this.

8. Should not spend time discussing other doctors and their treatment methods.

9. It is good if it does not intimidate the consequences of the disease, but writes a specific treatment to prevent it, and does not frighten an already upset mother.

A doctor once told me that God gave me a healthy child, and I don’t need to torture myself and worry much during every illness, but I need to calmly do everything in my power.

Do you have a paid doctor or are you lucky with the district officer?

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