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How to choose a children’s development center, kids

Long gone are the days when the whole Union built a bright future. When it was normal to give the children to the nursery, they barely made half a year or a year.

Watch the consequences of such an early separation from the mother, we can now. This is a set of complexes of modern people, an unremitting thirst for affection and love, which eventually evolved into various neuroses and self-doubt.

Now, more and more mothers can afford to stay with their children for up to three or even more years. We can not argue with the fact that it is much more useful for the child than other aunts in kindergarten.

But here comes the question of the development of the baby according to age. After all, before it was possible not to think about it – there are educators, there is a program, they will teach everything.

Now, mothers themselves need to choose the way the child develops. As a rule, there are two of them. Do it yourself, or drive a child to development centers.

I was lucky – there is an opportunity to raise the son herself. I stopped at two options at once – I work with the child at home, and I drive to the development. But in development we go more for communication and society.

In the same post I would like to talk about the second option.
What are the development centers?

1. The center uses a certain method of development (Doman, Montessori, Shichid)

2. The center uses mixed techniques, with the world on a thread.

Do you want to train your child on Doman, or develop all the qualities harmoniously, you need to know several criteria for choosing a development club.

Our club is more harmonious development.

one.Of course teacher. As a rule, the first test lesson is provided in such centers. Look carefully at the person who will work with your child.

How does he feel about children? How gentle and demanding at the same time? How is speech delivered? What kind of education? How does he react to children’s attacks and whims?

In one center, the teacher was too young, and I did not see much experience in conducting classes. In the same place where we go, it immediately bribed us that we explained how to behave if the child becomes capricious (after all, for the first time in a group of new people). If children try to stand on their heads, she politely, skillfully upsets them. No screams and noises.

2. Scheme of employment. A normal lesson lasts 45-60 minutes. For a child of one and a half to four years, this is quite enough. In addition to the tasks at the table, there must be physical exercises and games on the floor.

In one center we were offered classes for an hour and a half. The son, of course, could not stand this tension. In the end, he began to go out to me, and on the way home he fell asleep almost immediately.
In the younger group there were more moving minutes, and in the older one they were already training attention and perseverance.

3. Age group.
How different is the range? Better – six months. Agree, a one-year-old and a two-year-old baby have completely different levels and needs.

In several centers, the range was just the year. Van was then 2.5 years old. And some tasks turned out to be too easy for him, while others turned out to be difficult.

4. Sanitary conditions. Is there a toilet for kids? Pots? Soap towels? How far is the room you need? It would be better not at the end of the building where the room is rented.

What about dust and carpets?

For example, in one center the toilet was at the end of the building. And since the premises were located in a shopping center, everyone went there. And uncles and aunts, it is not known what inclinations and purity.

five. Group size. Optimally – no more than six people.

Younger children are engaged with mothers. Accordingly, the fewer people, the less noise and more opportunities to concentrate.

The older children will get more attention from the teacher.

In one group, we were seventh, and in the same 2.5 years, a young teacher worked with them without moms. Since we were on trial, I had the opportunity to see the learning process. The girl was worn between the babies, like a squirrel in a wheel, trying to persuade them. In the end, she did most of the work for them.

6. Distance from home.
How long to go to the center? On what? Will the karapuzu have enough strength to withstand the way to the center, occupation, and the way back? Consider.

7. Toys and play
. In some centers, toys are located directly in the classroom. Usually it is very distracting toddlers. Especially in the first lesson. There is an adaptation, you need to get used to the teacher and the group, and here the toys! This is a hundred times more interesting!

8. Listen to the intuition.
No one knows your child better than you. Watch him. How much did they approach each other with the teacher? How much did you like it? Maybe the child plays with him, and something bothers you? Listen to yourself no less than a child.

What you should not pay much attention to is an administrator. Some are not able, or do not want to adequately advertise the services of the center. Of course, it depends on him whether you come to a test lesson or not. But if you come, you won’t lose anything. And you can ask about the eyes in the eyes about everything that interests you!

In my choice of center, the teacher and distance from home played a key role. The son of the law sometimes falls asleep on the way home, but more often he manages to blather. And I like the teacher with my responsiveness (he always answers the question of interest), he is moderately strict, if he sees psychological problems, he immediately talks about it. It was from her that I learned something new, and it was in our center that children do what we did not do at home. What can I say, I just liked the teacher 🙂

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