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How I bought a cane stroller used on the internet, kids

Last week, I bought a used cane stroller on the internet. I have never had such a successful purchase. What did I do wrong? And how to avoid such situations? I’ll tell you about it now.

Should I buy a pram?

I did not buy a cane before. Last summer, my cousin gave me a loan of my own, and this year I decided that the 1.5-year-old child would walk beautifully with his legs. In extreme cases, take for a walk our usual transforming stroller.

But already in May, I was faced with the fact that the child himself did not burn for more than a few tens of meters with desire. I understood this when I arrived with a child in the park without a sidecar. For an hour of festivities, I wore my daughter in my arms for 50 minutes. In summary, back pain, rubbed legs and lack of mood.

But summer! So you want to go to the parks, to visit, to the country or just to walk in the center. What to do? I didn’t want to spend money on a new stroller. There was an option – a used stroller.

A couple of days I considered on all kinds of sites strollers. I wanted to spend less money and at the same time buy the highest quality thing.

Free only cheese in a mousetrap

For the money I was planning to spend, options with minor defects were proposed: a wheel requiring repair, a dirty visor or a torn basket.

And here she is. Beautiful, bright, and a condition on 4 of 5. It was not necessary to persuade me for a long time. The very next day in the morning my husband was sent for her. The task for him sounded like this: check the functionality of all mounts. And I stayed at home with the child to wait for the long-awaited purchase.

When my husband came back with a stroller, I was very disappointed. The color of the stroller was much lighter than in the photo. It is banally burned from previous owners.

– What did I want from the second-hand carriage? – flashed through my head.

I removed the textile and threw it into the washing machine. I also checked the condition of shock absorbers, brakes, mounts. Everything was in good condition. Even the wheels seemed to be almost new.

When the textiles dried, I decided to unpick an extra pink mattress, as it was very burnt out and spoiled the whole look. And after the wheelchair was no longer subject to return, because of its modernization by me, the most interesting began.

On the peak and the basket were found small gray specks. Most likely, it is mold. Also on the visor, I found that the metal mounts were rusted on the fabric in some places.

Apparently, almost a new stroller just stood for a long time on the street at the previous owners. But that’s not all.

On the sides of the stroller is a grid. This is a good option for a hot summer, the stroller is blown through from all sides. But if the child falls asleep, it must be covered, so that the small head is not blown by the wind.

This grid has become tough enough from time to time or weather conditions. When the back of the stroller rises, it is going to hard knolls on the sides.

The stroller itself is metal and rather heavy. About 5-6 kg. That is not the best option for traveling with a child in public transport.

And finally, I will tell you how I finished my new stroller-cane.

The first time when I decided to fold it myself, I faced resistance. I made an effort – the wheelchair succumbed to my onslaught and formed. But with a bang.

I thought that the galette biscuits popped in the basket of the stroller. What was my surprise when the next day I found the whole biscuit in the basket, but the broken, shattered wooden part of the backrest.

There is already my fault, there is no one to blame, but little pleasant.

Burnt textiles, mold, hard mesh on the sides, broken back … Excellent purchase! You will tell nothing.

Phone former owner of the stroller does not take. Moreover, she had warned in advance that she was leaving for a month. I don’t have a reason to wait a month until autumn, I have to do something.

My friends advise me to sell the stroller and buy another one. But I can sell it according to my conscience only for parts, at the lowest price. I do not want the following buyers to remember me with bad words.

There is the option of replacing textiles. Now there is such a service on the market. It is not worth a penny, but the result is wonderful. You can make a stroller of any color, and striped, and in flower.

After replacing the textile and wooden frame for the back, it can be sold. But why? After all, all defects will go away.

Preventing unsuccessful purchases

The other day I heard a wonderful solution for shopping used goods over the Internet. You can ask the seller to demonstrate the goods on Skype. Or make an additional photo.

If I had known about such opportunities before acquiring a stroller, I would have avoided a lot of negative emotions.

And how do you get things online? Have you had any such purchases?

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