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Hardening of children up to a year, kids

Recently, one of the participants Alimero wrote a topic about what is happiness. So for me one of its components is the health of my child. Since with his illness and the presence of other components, I do not feel completely happy.

And in order for a child to grow up healthy and strong, you need to start working on it from his birth. It is necessary to consult with the pediatrician and discuss the mode of stress on the children’s body. You do not need to immediately bathe the child in the snow or vice versa close from every draft. It is best to stick to the middle.


Hardening is one of the ways to train our body, with the help of air, water or sunlight. Through such training, the child adapts to sudden temperature changes occurring in the environment.

Those. if there is severe heat or severe frost outside, the child’s body temperature remains constant. With the help of hardening, we improve the system of thermoregulation in the body. You can start at any age, but the person must be completely healthy.

Routine day baby

If you decide that you will harden the child, then remember that you need to do this every day, regardless of the time of year or air temperature. If you take a break for 1 month, then after a couple of weeks, the body will return to the state it was before hardening.

Hardening is already a way of life. In order to accustom the child to such procedures, you need to enter them in the mode of the day. We do this in the morning, now before the kindergarten, and earlier before breakfast during the morning restroom.

Fundamental rules

In order to get any benefit from hardening, you must observe the following rules:

1) Do not stop the procedure in any weather.

2) Consider the condition of the child.

3) Increase the duration of the irritant factor (water, sun, air).

4) Listen to the child, the mood should be positive.

If you do not follow the rules, you can not only not get the desired result, but also make it worse than it was.

The main measures during tempering

1) Compliance with the mode of the day.

2) Proper and balanced nutrition.

3) Taking air baths when changing a baby’s diaper.

4) To walk with the child at any time, only to dress in accordance with the weather.

5) Swimming in the home bathroom.

Additional events

1) Air quenching – air baths.

It is from this procedure that we began our hardening. Fresh air is very important for the child. Since his absence can lead to lethargy, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. The air temperature in the room where the newborn baby is located should be 22-23 degrees, and the child over 1 year old should be 18 degrees.

In summer, the air vents are constantly open at home. But in the winter I open the window 5-6 times a day for 15 minutes at any temperature. The time for taking air baths is 15 minutes for a child up to a year, and if a baby is 3 years old, then 30-40 minutes.

2) Hardening in the sun – sunbathing.

This is the second procedure that we begin when we decide to temper the child. But children under 1 year old cannot be kept under open sunshine and the air temperature is above 30 degrees, since they adversely affect unprotected skin.

It is better to sunbathe in the shade, so you will avoid overheating. Children up to a year is enough that the sun’s rays fall only on the hands and face, while the child’s body receives the daily rate of vitamin D.

3) Hardening with water.

This type of hardening can not begin in the first place. This should be done by an already prepared organism.

You can start when the baby is only 2-3 weeks.

1) The water temperature when bathing is 36-37 degrees, and after that you can pour a child with water with 34-35 degrees.

2) You can wash and wash away with water, the temperature of which is 28 degrees, gradually reducing to 20 degrees.

3) Wipe with water 33-35 degrees. First handles and palms, and then legs and knees. After 3 months, you can also wipe back and tummy. Baby grows, so the temperature can be gradually reduced to 28 degrees.

4) After each rubdown, it is necessary to wipe the skin dry, so that it turns slightly red. Our pediatrician recommends wiping with a towel dipped in salt and dried (although this recommendation is for children after 1 year).


I used to be skeptical about the various methods of hardening. But now I saw that it works, the child became ill less often. In addition, in the summer you can use other methods of hardening. For example, walking barefoot on pebbles, water, grass, sand, as well as swimming in a river or lake.

Health to your children!

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