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Hardening of children, kids

Tiny kids can’t tell their parents if they are cold or hot. As a rule, parents dress babies at their discretion, and most often they think that it is better to wear warmer clothes, so they begin to wrap babies. In my opinion, this should not be done.

It is very useful to temper a child from birth. It is proved that the natural hardening of the child’s body improves immunity, increases resistance to adverse factors. Many works written on this topic. Some people advise you to pour cold water on kids, but not all are solved.

We are not doused with icy water, but still I try to temper my daughters. And I can say that they are much less likely to get sick than their peers.

One of my nephews constantly runs barefoot, drinks juice from the refrigerator and does not get sick, and the other is constantly dressed warmly, he isn’t taken to nature, and he practically never stops coughing. Why is that? In my opinion the whole thing is hardening.

Hardening rules

The essence of any hardening can be reduced to several general rules.

  • Hardening procedures should be carried out throughout the year, while gradually increasing the irritant factor;
  • All procedures are selected taking into account the age and characteristics of each baby;
  • Hardening should like children. You can not force to do what they do not like.

General hardening

It may sound strange, but, nevertheless, proper nutrition, a clear daily regimen and physical education classes – doctors refer to the general tempering activities. At first glance, this is quite natural and it seems that all parents follow these rules, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Does everyone comply daily regime? I always try to do everything on a schedule, although there are sometimes loosening, but rarely. But my friend to adapt to the child. If her daughter does not sleep until one or two at night, she does not pack it. In the morning she wakes up not earlier than dinner. I think this is not normal.

She always asks me a question: How do you put your sleep at 10 o’clock ?. Simply! From the very birth of our children we put to bed early, first at nine, now at ten. And they get up on their own at eight or nine o’clock. It seems to me very natural.

Proper nutrition
no less important for every child. Of course, it is easier for mom to cook sausages or dumplings, but is this food for a baby?

Or some children even after a year give porridge from the boxes, in my opinion, there is little benefit from them. It’s not at all difficult to cook porridge, for example, from flakes. It takes just 15 minutes.

WITH physical education we have a full order thanks to her husband. He, unlike me, loves sports and every day deals with children. We are also very much rescued by the children’s channel, where in the morning there is a charge.

These simple methods can harden your children.

Special hardening

But besides the general methods, it is also a good idea to use special tempering procedures: air and sun baths, water procedures.

Air quenching

Air baths are very useful for the baby. And after being discharged from the maternity hospital, I stripped babies down to the panties, and they lay in the crib like that. First a few minutes, then time increased. And this despite the fact that it was winter.

In addition, every day we always aired every room. It’s good that we don’t have one room and so far, for example, the bedroom is airing, we play with the children in the hall and vice versa.

We started to walk in the fresh air immediately after the maternity hospital. We walked a little bit, since it was winter outside. The doctor, when she came, praised us, said that rarely parents go for a walk with a small child in winter, and this is very useful.

Now my daughters at home run in shorts, T-shirts and socks. Sometimes they run barefoot.

Hardening by the sun

It is believed that direct sunlight is dangerous for children under one year. But at the same time, if there is not enough sun, then there is a shortage of vitamin D. Since my daughters were born in autumn and winter, the first time we gave liquid vitamin D.

Still, walking in the sun is more beneficial, but care must be taken. You can not walk in the hottest time, from about 12 to 15 in the afternoon. In these hours it is best to sleep. After walking, it is best to take water treatments.

Water hardening

Everyone knows that it is desirable to bathe children every day. The water temperature should be comfortable for the child, and this is individual for each baby.

We started bathing children at a water temperature of 37 degrees. After the bath, they poured water from the dipper, which was slightly colder. Gradually reduced the temperature of the water. Now the temperature is about 36 degrees, sometimes lower. Girls no longer want to swim in hot water.

And each time at the end of the water treatment we pour them with cooler water.

Dousing with ice water and rubbing snow with snow is still considered unacceptable for young children. Although some parents do it.

In my opinion, it is important to pay attention to the general hardening, and then your baby will always be healthy.

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