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Games for kids up to a year, kids

Since the birth of my daughter, I am constantly beside her. I want to make this pastime as interesting and useful as possible. Therefore, I began to study all kinds of games with babies when the baby was not even a month old.

In this case, I think I succeeded. In my arsenal a few dozen different games. Today I would like to share some of them with readers of Alimero.

All the games I have divided into age categories. In the first year of life, changes in the perception of the baby occur daily, so the age of the child is very important in the games that suit him.

Games for babies 1-3 months

I remember that already a month, my baby clearly made it clear which touches are pleasant to her and which ones are not. So she did not like stroking the back, but she loved to touch her tummy and legs.

Massage movements stimulate skin receptors, develop skin sensitivity, promote blood circulation improvement. On their basis, you can come up with a lot of games for very little.

Therefore, our first game was a different touch, while the daughter was lying on the back. Touches I voiced. For example, she easily touched the legs with the whole palm and commented that the butterfly does this in wings. Or lightly pinched skin and said that geese and ducks do that. Or fingered in the direction from the legs to the neck and buzzed like a tractor.

At first, the baby opened her eyes wide to the sound of the tractor. I even captured this from memory. And later, this daughter even fun.

I think everyone knows the simple movements of the fingers on the back of the baby and the rhyme for this mini-massage. If not, then they are easy enough to find on the Internet.

This massage has become like my child closer to three months.
In addition, with the help of this massage game, the baby learns to distinguish the different effects of force on the skin.

Arc with toys and / or mobile

The meaning of such entertainment is that the baby, waving his arms or legs, began to bump into toys. It arouses interest and develops coordination of movements.

If toys are made from fabrics of different textures, then tactile sensations also develop. I remember how my daughter tried to talk to her bee.

My daughter liked the mobile and the arc with toys. Doug began to enjoy success from the month, and mobile from two months.

Games for babies 3-6 months

A game that has been played for many, many generations. Take the handles of the baby and direct them in the right direction, putting it in your palms. At the same time, we say aloud the words: Ladushki-ladushki. Where were you? By Grandma. What did you eat? Kashka. What did they drink? The mash. Kashka is yummy, brazhka sweet. Sat down. Have eaten. And flew, flew. They sat on the head.

On the inside of the palm, draw a circle with your finger: The raven cooked porridge, fed the children. Then, bending in turn the fingers of the child: This gave, this gave, this gave, this gave, but this did not give. He did not chop firewood, did not carry water, did not heat the stove, did not cook porridge.

The main point of the game is to hide and then appear and look into the eyes of the baby. For this, it may be enough to cover your face with your palms. Or by placing a diaper between yourself and the baby.

Firmly clasping the child, lift him above his head, shake from side to side, accompanying the buzzing sounds. Better to do on the sofa. The game contributes to the development of the back muscles of the baby and vestibular apparatus.

Games for babies 6-9 months

At this age, the kids are already sitting well, and also grab and hold objects. I used these skills when bathing a baby. When we collected a bath for my daughter, I threw some rubber toys or a bathing book into the water and my daughter enjoyed playing with them in the water for a long time.

Sandbox games are very popular with my child. She grabs the sand with her hands, goes through it, searches for something in it. Sometimes I planted a child in the sandbox and read a book nearby. It is important to ensure that the child does not pull found in the mouth.

I bought a doll from those considerations that my daughter really liked to pull my hair. The doll’s hair was torn to shreds, and now its appearance leaves much to be desired.

But on it is very convenient to demonstrate where the nose, eyes and mouth. As the pupa walks, eats and sits on the potty. With great interest, the daughter is watching the puppet theater.

Games for babies 9-12 months

Despite the fact that we are only 9 months old, I managed to get acquainted with many games for children from 9 months and older. Here are some of them:

Finger paints I bought a long time, when my daughter was about 3 months. It is safe to write on finger paints, but I still wash my hands thoroughly with soap after each use.

In the literature read on the topic of finger paints, it was written that it is possible to teach a child to draw from 4.5 months. And it should be a whole ritual: get out and spread out the oilcloth, spread out blank sheets, put a container with water, open the paint, paint, then wash the handles and clean up after yourself.

Only in the form of a ritual baby will remember what to do and how. My child is not particularly interested in paints. But actively and very quickly dyes his clothes with polymer paint.

And I want to try drawing again. Leave a few handprints on a piece of paper for a long memory.

Recently, I collected a wild rose at a dacha and I folded it in a plastic liter bucket. My daughter was sitting on the grass nearby, and I put a bucket beside her. Red berries did not leave the child indifferent and she gladly began to sort them out. Pull out and examine.

Upon arrival home, I began to practice this with a box of toys. I put a box in front of her, and she pulls out another toy, examines, tastes.

I plant my daughter on the floor and roll a ball to her. Little by little, she realizes that you can push the ball back to me, and having fun when I catch him.

From the time we started walking in a stroller, I pointed to objects or animals, called them.

Now, it’s enough to ask the daughter: Where is the dog / cat / ghoul ?, as she immediately begins to look around and look for the dog with her eyes. And when you find a smile and say: Sss … This, as I understand it, the word dog.

A walk is generally a flight of fancy. By offering a child a leaf, a twig, a chestnut, an acorn, you can introduce your child to different textures, colors and broaden his horizons.

On this, perhaps, I will summarize the final line. There are a lot of games in my arsenal and I can talk about them for hours.

I myself love to play games and can invent them from nothing. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and we will start doing all kinds of crafts.

And what games most liked your kiddies?

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