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Finger games for kids, kids

Today I looked through photos of my son. He was so funny when he was little. This is now my serious, but before it was funny. Games for him were everything: the world of knowledge, the opportunity to be happy, to dream, to rejoice, to smile – it was all read on his cute face. He loved finger games the most. When he had not yet spoken, he simply stretched his hands and moved his fingers – without words it was clear that the child wanted to play.

Finger games are development

There are many books that will teach and tell you how to play finger games with your child. In each of them, you can read that finger games not only teach the child to hear the rhyme, to memorize light rhymes, but also help develop motor skills, which means to develop intellectually.

We live in Ukraine, so we studied most of the rhymes for finger games in the Ukrainian language. But as we live in Odessa, where Russian is considered the second state language, we read many verses in Russian.

The easiest, but no less ridiculous, I want to share with you. Play with your child in finger games and give him moments of happiness and smiles.

Friendly family

This thumb is big – (Knocking the index finger on the big thumb)
This is daddy dear.
Next to dad is our mom. (Pointing to baby’s index finger)
Next to my mother – the eldest brother. (Knock on the middle child’s finger)
Following him sister –
Sweet girl. (Pointing to the ring finger)
And the smallest burly –
This is our nice baby. (Stroke baby’s little finger with your index finger)
Friendly family.
This plopped into the well, (Knocking on the middle finger)
This one pulled it out (This is a big thumb)
This put in the crib, (Stroke index finger)
And the other covered him, (Nameless finger)
And the smallest boy woke him up. (Knock on the little finger)
Sleep, my dear, good night,
Sleep and grow,
Go to sleep, baby, early
And get up early.

Five-story house

This house has five floors: (Fold all the fingers. Arm in a horizontal position)
On the first lives a family of hedgehogs, (Little finger)
On the second family lives hare, (Unnamed)
On the third – the family of red squirrels, (Medium)
On the fourth the bird lives with chicks, (Indication)
On the fifth owl is a very clever bird. (Thumb)
Well, well, it’s time for us to go back down:
On the fifth owl, (Thumb)
On the fourth tit, (Index finger)
Belchata on the third, (Middle finger)
Hares – the second, (Nameless finger)
On the first hedgehogs, we will come to them. (Little finger)

Priletilo Sonechko (in Ukrainian)

For Ukrainian moms I offer one finger game in the Ukrainian language:
Priletilo Sonechko
On my little dog (We lead in a circle with the index finger on the child’s palm)
Kriltsya Chervonenkі, (Making a couple of strokes with fingers from palm to fingers)
Chornye chornenky. (Press the index finger several times on the palm of a child)
Like all fingers, (With stroking movements with the index finger we drive from the thumb to the little finger)
And from mіzinchika zletіlo. (With the thumb and forefinger, very gently grab the little finger and draw along it from base to tip)

What finger games do you play?

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