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DTP vaccine for and against, babies

In the national immunization schedule, DTP vaccine is one of the first. It is a combined vaccine against tetanus, pertussis, and diphtheria. According to the calendar, vaccination takes 3, 4 and a half and 6 months. It is this vaccine that is considered one of the most difficult and introduces confusion and vacillation in the parent rows.

The question of the need for vaccination divided modern parents into two opposing camps – opponents and supporters of vaccinations. Frankly, at one time I was dizzy with arguments from both sides. And the more carefully I studied this question, the more questions and doubts I had.

Doctors also did not bring clarity. They were either ardent supporters, or the same opponents of vaccinations. At that moment I really bitterly regretted that I had not chosen the profession of a doctor and did not understand anything in all these matters.

Below I will briefly try to list the main theses of opponents and supporters of vaccinations.

Arguments supporters:

1) supporters are firmly convinced of the need for vaccinations, arguing that a child can get sick and die from terrible diseases or debilitate their consequences for the rest of their lives;

2) vaccinations – 100% panacea for all dangerous diseases;

3) supporters believe that unvaccinated children represent a terrible danger to their children and to society as a whole. Here, I agree that only mass vaccination can prevent the outbreak of epidemics, but honestly do not understand the logic, how can an unvaccinated child pose a danger to the vaccinated?

4) supporters admit that children can get sick of diseases from which they have been vaccinated, but they believe that they are proceeding in a milder form.

Arguments of opponents:

1) vaccinations are often more dangerous than the diseases themselves, so it makes no sense to put children at unreasonable risks. The chance to get sick with many diseases from which they are vaccinated is very small;

2) there are diseases with which it is better to get sick, infected naturally (for example, chickenpox) and thereby develop a lifelong immunity than to be vaccinated, which has a limited period of time;

3) vaccinations do not save from disease. During the period of epidemics, both vaccinated and unvaccinated children are ill. In the latter I was convinced myself. The neighbor was seriously ill, vaccinated according to the rules of whooping cough child;

4) vaccinations kill immunity, vaccinated children get sick more often, almost do not get out of the disease;

5) vaccinations are not at all a concern for a healthy generation, but a giant business in which large pharmaceutical corporations are involved.

Despite the intransigence of the positions, both sides tend to agree that there is no need for flu shots. Also considered controversial is the vaccine against cervical cancer. In any case, I did not have to meet supporters of these vaccines.

Import analogues

On the Russian market there are 2 variants of DTP vaccine analogues. This is the French vaccine Pentaxim and the Belgian Infanrix. The advantage of Pentaxim, as it is a five-component vaccine, in which, in addition to diphtheria, pillar and whooping cough, also includes an anti-polio component.

It is believed that imported analogues are tolerated by children more easily and cause less undesirable consequences. Pediatricians themselves are often recommended to be vaccinated not by domestic, but by imported drugs.

How to prepare

According to the rules, during the vaccination period, the child should be completely healthy, and there should also be no sick relatives in the house. Before vaccination, it is necessary to undergo a pediatrician examination (often very formal), to undergo blood and urine tests, to obtain good from a neurologist.

It should not be on the eve of vaccination to give the child allergenic products and introduce new ones. Avoid crowded places where it is possible to become infected. It is necessary to be very attentive to mothers whose children are predisposed to allergies (I am just one of those).

Many doctors advise to give antihistamines 2 days before and 2 days after vaccination. Also in the home first aid kit should be prepared antipyretics. After vaccination, the child can not bathe.

In general, the responsibility for making a decision lies entirely and entirely on the parents. Doctors are unlikely to bear any responsibility in case of an unsuccessful outcome.


I did not have clear conclusions on this issue. I do not know which of the two sides is right and who is not. I only know that in children’s health care now, at least in our country, a mess is going on. I would really like to trust the doctors, but they do not leave me a chance.

For myself, I decided that I would give only the most necessary vaccinations, focusing solely on the health of the child, and not on the national schedule of vaccinations. And I will give preference not to domestic, but to imported drugs. Right or not, time will tell.

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