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Constipation in infants, babies

I think rarely what mother did not worry about the fact that the baby does not have a long chair. At the same time, the child is breastfed only, which means that it will not work on his body products, as with grown children. This problem has not bypassed my daughter, and to be more precise, my daughter and me.
In the middle of the 20th century, when feeding the mixture was much more popular than breastfeeding, a different norm emptying the intestines for the baby.

Artificial children in the first weeks of life are less likely to cocoa, their stools are more shaped and resemble the smell of adults in their smell.

In the first 6 weeks of life of a breastfed baby, the stools are fluid and frequent enough and there is no need to worry about it for constipation. From 6 weeks stool begins to change the consistency to normal and may occur with a delay.

Why babies do not poop?

This leads to the fact that parents who do not know that such a chair is quite normal for infants, are addicted to the treatment of constipation.

By this time, breast milk is ripening and there is no longer any colostric component, which has loosened the intestines. And now the baby can crap less often than before. Moreover, it may fail to pack up to 7 days, if it does not inconvenience it and does not cause concern.

The body of the baby adapts to the process of digestion and emptying by understanding how much the intestine can accumulate waste products in itself before it is free from them.

Prudent parents, glancing at the calendar, can constantly interfere with the natural process of bowel movements, which as a result may lead to the fact that the intestines will get used to it and will not be able to understand how often it may or may not be.

And constipation will become permanent.

If you do not interfere with the process of defecation of your baby, then over time the body will develop its mode in this area of ​​life, until the body again wants to try to limit the bowel filling.

If this time, in the absence of discomfort of the child, to let him orchestrate the process himself, then everything will be fine again. If the baby blushes, strains and does not fart, the tummy is hard, then he cannot do without help.

Signs of constipation in children with HB

The main indicators of stool in a child are its density and discharge of gases. When your baby farts, it means that the intestinal tract is normal and when the baby’s body is ready for emptying it will happen.

When, after emptying the bowels, you see that the stool is of a normal consistency, does not look like goat poop in the form of small, tight lumps, it means only one thing – the stool of your offspring is in order.

How much I have suffered with my daughter, not knowing this information. It all seemed to me that she herself couldn’t poop at all, I couldn’t stand for 4 days waiting for her kakul. She thought that I was a monster and tormented child.

My anxiety and actions in connection with my baby’s constipation

But I, however, did not use the vapor tubes, enemas, oral and rectal preparations, considering them unhealthy and preventing the body from feeling its ultimate state of pressure of feces on the intestinal walls.

My methods were different. I also remembered such a moment from the courses on preparing for the birth of my daughter: if the child has a delay in the chair and he is worried about it, then you can massage the child’s tummy in a clockwise direction with the whole warm palm.

Also, my daughter helped lay and sleep on my stomach. Sometimes she lay on my tummy to my tummy for half the night and, falling asleep, she ate milk, and I, too, slept in this position.

You can also warm your baby’s tummy with a warm scarf.

Even in the infancy of my daughter, I was fond of planting.

Therefore, when bowel movement is difficult, I took my daughter in my arms so that my knees were above the abdomen in order to reproduce the most comfortable posture for defecation. And breastfeeding her at the same time.

This helped to better discharge of gases and the promotion of feces in the intestine closer to the anus. Often this method promoted bowel movement.

A warm bath with her daughter and simultaneous feeding her with breast milk also contributed to her bowel movement.

If anxiety overwhelmed me more strongly, and my daughter didn’t crap all over, then I applied a mechanical action – the hardest way of aiding the bowel release, in my opinion.

My actions consisted in a light massage with a clean finger with oil around the anus clockwise. Literally, within 5 minutes after such a procedure, the coveted poop appeared.

My mistakes

The fact is that I learned much later that if the gases go away, then this is not constipation, but this was often and without a feeling of anxiety in the baby. One could simply not concentrate on the fact that the chair is sometimes irregular and, in the absence of discomfort on the part of the child, relax me.

In addition, after half a year of my daughter, I thought it important to take her off when stool was delayed, but this only led to the fact that it was still difficult for her to crap.

Because the water, entering the intestine filled with feces, softened the stool, which is far from the anus, and there was a stopper near the anus, which created discomfort during emptying. In this regard, the daughter also had a psychological fear of poking.
It is better to drink more than at all, than when you discover your own or childish anxiety before stool. But breast milk is better.

How allergies affect the intestines

The peculiarity of my baby’s body is an allergy, and when a daughter tries a product, and allergies pour it onto him, the intestine also suffers: his mucous membrane becomes inflamed, also becomes covered with a rash, and the anus becomes red (a clear sign of food allergy).

And at such moments, it is especially difficult to poop the little man, because he has to make his way through the injured intestines, and this leads to painful sensations, which also helps the child to restrain the body’s urge during bowel movements.

What only I did not do: and showed how the puppets pooped, molded poop from plasticine and told how poop they wanted to be free. But my daughter hung on those days on me, warming my tummy about mine. She was helped only by my support with close physical contact.

Daughter’s concern about bowel movement after the start of complementary feeding was associated only with allergic reactions to some food, before that with food that I consumed. So it is arranged that I don’t have a filter in my body and everything that I eat gets into the milk for my daughter.

Therefore, tracking the allergens in the baby’s food, when he already consumes food from the common table or another, besides breast milk, is an extremely important process in order to avoid constipation in a child. As well as monitoring the reactions of a very small child with HB on food consumed by mom.

As a result, my daughter had a chair with a regimen once every three days, it’s just a physiological feature of the body, like an eye shape or hair color and does not require treatment.

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