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Children’s thermometer, kids

Children’s first aid kit. Syrups, candles, peroxide, wadded disks and sticks. So much for everything, but it’s easy to choose. We buy proven funds or rely on the recommendation of a doctor. But with the choice of a thermometer is not so simple. Previously, there were only mercury thermometers, and now, in the era of technical progress, they just run up.

In large pharmacies or specialized children’s stores, their diversity is amazing. I will name only a few of their types:
– mercury;
– electronic;
– infrared;
– thermal strips and thermo gluing;

Most varieties have digital thermometers. From the most simple – to the similarity of empty spaces. How not to get lost when choosing and buy a convenient and reliable assistant, and not an expensive trifle?

I think you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the most common models. I will begin, perhaps, with the usual mercury.

  1. He should be treated very carefully, because in this fragile capsule is the most dangerous substance. And glass fragments ?! To hide such a thermometer must be higher and more reliable;
  2. It takes a very long time to hold it – from 6 to 10 minutes. And children are not very patient;
  3. It is not recommended to use it orally to children under one year old.
  4. And when used rectally, there is a chance to accidentally deliver the baby soreness.


  1. High accuracy readings. Plus or minus just 0.1 degrees.
  2. You can measure the temperature in any convenient way. In the armpit, orally or rectally.
  3. Easy to disinfect. Of course, not by boiling.
  4. Durable. With careful use, it faithfully and faithfully does not take years – decades.
  5. Inexpensive. Cheaper than their high-tech counterparts in three, or even four times.


The digital thermometer has about the same disadvantages:

  1. Exact compliance with instructions.
  2. Most models can not be washed and disinfected.
  3. High price.
  4. You must always have ready replaceable batteries.
  5. The temperature measurement time is longer than stated in the instructions.
  6. The accuracy of the result is lame by 2-3 degrees.

But the advantages are also available:

  1. Security. It is not so easy to break. And there is no mercury in it.
  2. The result is easy to understand.
  3. The measurement time is shorter than that of a mercury thermometer.
  4. There are convenient models for oral measurement – in the form of nipples.
  5. Additional functions – backlight, memory, scale change (albeit, only in expensive models).

Infrared thermometers are even more expensive, and their advantage is rather dubious. The same can be said about thermal strips. Although in the travel first aid kit, they can do a good job. So, drawing conclusions from all of the above, I purchased a conventional digital thermometer in addition to the existing mercury assistant.

What choice did you make?

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