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Child problems after cesarean babies

In recent years, many young mothers deliberately go to the labor with cesarean section. It seems to them that they are less painful, faster. But few people think about how the operation will affect the newborn.

I have two daughters. The first birth was natural, the second – cesarean. Unfortunately, the daughter sat on the pope during the entire pregnancy. I wrote in more detail about childbirth, we also talked about breastfeeding. Now I want to tell you what difficulties I had to face after the second birth.

Child and anesthesia

A cesarean section is abdominal surgery, which means mom is given anesthesia, which also affects the baby. They say that epidural anesthesia is safer, by the way, I chose her. And yet it is anesthesia.

It is believed that the use of muscle relaxants and analgesics during anesthesia causes changes in the life processes of the newborn, respiratory depression and the central nervous system. That is why kids after cesarean at first is very sluggish. It is difficult to say whether this is true, but my daughter constantly cried.

Physiological characteristics of children after cesarean section

Naturally, the pathology of the mother, which led to the decision to conduct such childbirth, may lead to pathology in the baby. It happened to me. Because of the wrong position in the womb, she revealed torticollis.

The first month my daughter slept on an orthopedic pillow, wore a tire, she was given a massage, fortunately, everything went quickly.

It is believed that such children are more likely to suffer from hyperactivity syndrome. Everything may be, but my both daughters were diagnosed. Now the youngest daughter took it off. But in this regard, problems with the eldest daughter, although there were natural childbirth.
A sharp pressure drop between the womb of the mother and the environment can lead to microbleeds in the brain. This is yes, I noticed that in children who were born as a result of cesarean, intracranial pressure is more often detected.

Unfortunately, my daughter also had one. But timely treatment helped. Previously, she often had a headache, she wrapped her arms around her, crying. Now rarely this happens.

It is also believed that these children usually gain weight poorly. I know at least five children after a cesarean section. And no one had problems with weight gain, we, too. Although the younger daughter gained weight worse than the older one, but in principle, within the normal range.

Their immune system is much weaker, they get sick more often. I agree with this completely. I do not know why this is happening, but it is so. All familiar children are sick much more often. And I noticed that in the same conditions, the younger daughter is more susceptible to various diseases.

Caesarians often have allergic reactions to food. And this, oddly enough, coincides. In the six months I could not begin to lure, all products were rejected immediately. Now my daughter is 1.5 and almost no allergic reactions occur.

Psychological features of children after cesarean section

While it is difficult to check what the doctors say about the psychology of children born with a caesarean. But some points are already noticeable.

It is believed that they suffer from attention deficit. My youngest daughter is more drawn to me or dad, can not be alone in the room.

Psychologists believe that these children acquire certain character traits: fear of change; distraction; temper and anxiety; apathy; isolation; excessive touchiness; reduced self-esteem.

I want to believe that with the right upbringing such features will not appear in my daughter.

They are either more aggressive than the rest, or overly passive. It is hard to say, but it seems to me that in this regard, my daughter is fine. Yes, she sometimes fights, but who does not fight at all? Yes, and I would be glad if she was sometimes calmer.

Such children are difficult to come into contact with new people. This is absolutely true, the daughter will not go to strangers in her arms, is wary of those whom she hasn’t seen or seen for the first time.


I so want to highlight this topic. When the eldest daughter was born, I could not even imagine what it was. But in the first days after the birth of my second daughter, I realized that everything would be not so simple.

Every evening in the evening she began to scream, bend her legs … It was clear that this is colic. I sat on a rigid diet, it turned out, this is a reaction to antibiotics that prick all mothers after the operation. As a result, the child’s intestinal microflora is disturbed, colic occurs, problems with the chair.

It was very difficult to fight. They gave plantex, dill water. They did massage and put hot diapers on their belly. Still, for about 30-40 minutes, she screamed without ceasing. It ended in about 4 months.

And I think that most often colic occurs in children after cesarean section. Many acquaintances had such a problem after the operation.

It is difficult to say exactly how this method of delivery will affect the development of the child. After all, the above-mentioned complications can be in any natural child. Disputes on this topic will always be relevant. Moreover, each child is individual.

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