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Cheerful score – learn with pleasure, kids

It is no secret that younger children can easily learn things that are quite complex at first glance. They are interested in everything that surrounds them. Especially, if all this causes positive emotions.

It was the increased interest that I decided to use for the early development of my child. During the classes she developed a certain method, with the help of which she taught the child not only to count, but also instilled a love for mathematics in general.

Children’s presentations computer assistants

The presentations are a great development assistant from an early age, I was convinced of this more than once. Having chosen the topic We learn numbers and Cheerful account, I found many children’s presentations. From them included the most colorful and interesting, capable, in my opinion, to interest the child.

Already after the first visits, my son was delighted (at that time he was only 2 years old) and several times a day he asked to include his favorite pictures again.

In order to somehow diversify our classes, I began to use rhymes and poteshki. Rhymes read about each number (within ten :)). Showed her in the picture, painted on the sand, laid out candy, fruit, and even tried to portray physically. I learned many tricks and counters. They entertained whenever it got boring. We always together considered fingers and everything that could be counted.

Book source of knowledge

In the book club I ordered a very good book Mathematics for preschoolers. With this book, the son loved the numbers and everything connected with them. The manual tells about the journey of two dwarfs, Viti and Mitya, to the wonderful country of Mathematics. In it, they meet:

– with numbers (for each come to visit performing an interesting task at the expense of),
– geometric shapes
– mathematical signs
– task-tales and many others.

This is one of my son’s favorite books.

The study of the account was given, in principle, easy, but some numbers turned out to be difficult to remember. I gave them the names:
2 is a swan
7 – poker,
8 – two rings.

At every difficulty to name the next figure, I always did a little hint, for example, the swan said. Thinking associations worked!

Result of studies

Thanks to the fun activities, my son has mastered not only the score, but also the basics of mathematics. He is now 5 years and 5 months old, and he:

– counts up to 100,
– distinguishes geometric shapes,
– considers angles
– solves examples within 20 (using sticks)
– writes them himself in a notebook, however, it is clumsy and not always correct (sometimes he writes numbers in a mirror image).

But most importantly, he tries and strives for knowledge!
How do you deal with children?

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