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Charging for the smallest kids

Charging should be an integral part of the daily life of the baby. If you give this question only 7-10 minutes in the morning, then the daily load will become easier and more familiar.

What is it for?

Charging for kids is a physical development. Exercise well affect the work of all organs and body systems. It contributes to intellectual development, because sport is the only activity of the organism where both hemispheres of the brain work.

Charging should be done in a game form, so that the child does it with pleasure, it will be more interesting. I’ll tell you about my experience.

Once-two-three-four-five, we will raise the legs

The consequence of the birth of his son was tremor – shaking hands, legs and chin. We passed the course of massages, but decided during the morning exercises to focus on the muscles that are responsible for this.

At first, my son didn’t like exercises very much, he was capricious and wept, but then we started doing it to the music, with verses and smiling. Now we are already doing together. Mom drives off too much, and my son gets physical exertion.

Rhymes also develop memory very well. They can be found on the Internet a lot. Also, poems contribute to the development of speech and quick memorization of the names of body parts. Here for example:
We will raise the legs
We will raise the legs
One, two, three, four, five.
Raise your knees higher,
Do not be lazy at recess.
(The child lifts the legs bent at the knees,
trying to touch the knee to the chest.)

Before the year we did everything lying down, I had to stroke the arms, legs, tummy and back before the start in order to prepare and warm up the body, and only then we began to do the exercises.

Legs in turn pressed to the tummy, thus massaging it. The first three months helped the baby well to expel gases.

I leaned both knees against my chest, pulled her to the side and held her in this position for 10 seconds.

Straight legs upright tilted to the side, and the hanger held her free hand.

I took the leg of my son with one hand, and the second with the opposite handle and connected them so that the elbow of the handle touched the knee. Also the second side. This exercise also helps to get out to the students.

Straight handles parted to the side to touch their surface, and then reduced so that he hugged himself.

She laid the baby’s hands along the body, in turn lifted them, while doing a little pulling movements. This exercise especially helped to relax the muscles of the arms.

Diagonal stretching. Pull the handle up diagonally, and the leg down. Then the other side.

She laid the baby on the back and took the right handle with the right leg in one hand and the left handle with the left leg in the other. Joined his hands and swung in different directions. This was his favorite exercise, he was laughing very hard at that time.

I took one hand under my neck, and the other under my knees, and in turn raised one hand, then the other, rolled on its back: now butt from above, then head. It turns out, a kind of swing.

In the end, I counted fingers and drew circles with my finger in the palm and on the foot.

Now we have another charge, but this one was basic. For a month of tremor was no longer, and we love charging and still.

P.S. Health to you and your children!

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