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Carrying for kids: baby sling, kangaroo, ergo-backpack, kids

Being a mother of a firstborn and, moreover, having given birth to the first of my company of friends, I did not have the slightest experience or feedback on the use of means for carrying babies.

My experience began with the use of a ring sling. I started using it about the month of the child, when I stopped taking it with shaking hands, and also when my mother’s vacation came to an end and I had to stay alone with the child at home.

Sling I got from a friend, inexpensive, but with bumpers of foam rubber. There are lots of slings with rings: with foam rubber rims, without any ribs at all, with a wired and unwired tail.

At first, I tried to subjugate the child in him myself, but the child was indignant and did not want to lie in it. I was persistent and began to learn video tutorials on the use of this sling, adjusting the rings.

From the third, the child stopped indignant, was conveniently located in a sling in the cradle position, got a chest and was able to hang on me for about 5 hours, and I could do household chores, read something at the computer or drink tea with my friends.

When the child was 3 months old, I began to be interested in other means of carrying, but in an upright position. My baby was no longer happy to lie, I wanted to explore the world, and the child absolutely did not like the vertical position in the sling with rings.

Summing up the use of sling.

– supports the back of the baby in the right position at all ages of the baby;
– the possibility to give a breast to a baby unnoticed by others;
– the ability to put the child horizontally to sleep during a long walk.

– lack of pockets for money, keys, etc .;
– it is inconvenient to use in the cold season, when there is a lot of clothing on the toddler and the parent.

Next, I purchased a kangaroo. A good vehicle for carrying a child, I liked it. Baby sees everything, can wave his arms and legs.

But, as I read in the Internet, this tool is used for children from 6 months, when the back of the baby is strong enough, as the kangaroo does not support the back of the child. Also, the legs are in the undiluted state and the child with the whole body weight puts pressure on his crotch, which is extremely undesirable, especially for boys.

But the pleasure of carrying the baby in an upright position made itself felt and I began to look for other alternative options for the kangaroo.

– the ability to carry the child in the positions of a person on and from the parent;
– svabodnoe overhang of the arms and legs of the baby.

– the distribution of the load on the weight of the child on the crotch of the baby;
– lack of support for the baby’s immature back for up to 6 months.

Then I bought an ergo backpack. Its cost exceeds the cost of a kangaroo, but there are much more advantages for a baby up to 6 months.

It is well and correctly supports the back of the baby in a semicircular position and the legs are divorced in it, which helps prevent hip dysplasia.

It is also very useful if the child falls asleep. In most ergo-backpacks there is a hood that covers the face of the baby and supports the head during sleep.

And the load on my back was so changed that I practically did not feel the weight of my child, which by then had weighed 6 kg.

But, in comparison with a kangaroo, there is one minus in it – the child sits facing the parent, that is, in order for my curious little girl to see the world, she needs to turn her head 90 degrees and so sit all the time with her head turned.

In addition, in such a dense presence of the child on the body of the mother, it is hot and my daughter after half an hour begins to try to get out.

– perfectly distributes the load on the back of the parent;
– supports the back of the baby in a semicircular position;
– the divorced position of the legs helps prevent hip dysplasia;
– the presence of a hood that covers the face of the baby and supports the head during sleep.

– high price;
– the position of the child only face to parent;
– a very dense primorye to the parent because of what is hot in summer.

I mastered the skills of carrying a child in a sling with rings in an upright position closer to 7 months and it turned out to be very convenient. The pose of the child in relation to the mother is very similar to that when the mother holds the baby in her arms, leaning him on her thigh. In addition, in the case of a long walk the child can be put in a crib to sleep.

Ergo-backpack is optimal for traveling, for trips to the store, when mother is actively moving, different bright pictures flash around and an inquisitive kid does not have time to get bored.

In the case of a walk in the area, I prefer kangaroos. In it, the child can be shown and told about what is in front of him, not taking unimaginable poses in half-turns. There is a pocket for money and keys, and my hands remain completely free.

Have you used any modern means for carrying a child?

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