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Bilirubin in newborns, babies

Three years ago, my life changed once and for all: I became a mother. Greater happiness can not be imagined.

But at the same time there were excitements and feelings for the baby. So does she eat, sleep, grow, develop when the first teeth appear. And if, God forbid, ill, peace is completely lost.

I encountered one of these problems while still in the hospital. At the next morning examination, the pediatrician said: Your girl is yellowish, she has high bilirubin. It is dangerous for the brain. We will lay it under the photo lamp.

You can imagine my condition! The lack of information about what bilirubin is, why the child turns yellow, and how it threatens, against the background of the doctor’s frightening words, has done its job. I was crying.

In the evening, my daughter was taken to the children’s department all night. True, I was persistent, and they let me in there. I went every hour, I watched my baby lying under the lamp, sleeping without complaint.

They put a special protective mask on her eyes, and next to her was a bottle of glucose, which she was given during the procedure.

I felt unimportant; I had to lie down and rest, but my mother’s heart wasn’t in peace.

I, like a shadow, walked around the compartment and made sure that the mask did not come off my daughter’s eyes and change the diaper. That night seemed endless to me.

In the morning we were together again in the same ward. The procedure of phototherapy was repeated several times, but for a period of two to three hours.

I began to notice that the skin of my daughter really brightened noticeably. A few days later we were discharged.

What is bilirubin

Already at home from the special literature, I learned that the hemoglobin of the child, when he is still in the mother’s stomach, is different from the adult.

With the birth of a baby in his body, the destruction of the old hemoglobin and the formation of a new one occur. The child’s liver is simply not yet in time for this process.

This forms a pigment – bilirubin, which stains the cells, the body’s tissues in yellow.

This condition is called physiological jaundice of the newborn.

How to reduce elevated bilirubin

I learned from the district pediatrician that under the influence of light rays, bilirubin is eliminated from the body naturally.

Therefore, we were prescribed phototherapy. This is the most painless and effective treatment.

At home, I arranged my daughter sunbathing. Well, that was summer. I put it on the sofa, undressed it, and the rays from the window fell on her. Of course, dull, so that the child was not uncomfortable.

We often walked in the yard. My daughter quickly fell asleep in the fresh air, and the phototherapy went on unnoticed.

The doctor prescribed us Ursosan. Frankly, I do not like to resort to drugs, if this is not absolutely necessary.

The baby was already much lighter, the body began to cope on its own, we did without the drug. The problem was solved.

And two years later my son was born, and, unfortunately, the story repeated.

But now I felt like an experienced fighter, knew what to do, and remained calm. Moreover, if my daughter was taken on phototherapy for me, for some reason, the color of her son’s skin was not noticed.

Alas, indifference is also found where it should not be, in hospitals.

After my persistent questions, the pediatrician at the maternity hospital re-examined her son, agreed that the yellowness was elevated, ordered an analysis of the bilirubin level and photo light.

This time I found out if there was free space for the procedure, my son brought it, then I took it back. When he was lying under a lamp, he was feeding him breast milk, which was strained into a bottle.

Seeing my efforts, the nurses even somehow penetrated to me, treated with understanding. Literally two days later we were already brighter and went home, to dad and older sister.


Currently, every second baby in the hospital is born with the so-called physiological jaundice. This is a very common phenomenon, generally not requiring too serious measures.

One girl who first became a mother reminded me of the past. She cried, panicked, since her daughter also had increased bilirubin, and brought herself to the fact that for several days she had no milk. The girl soon grew lighter after the phototherapy procedure, but there were problems with nutrition.

If your child has bilirubin after birth, do not panic. Find out what his level and how much he is above the norm.

With small deviations, you can get by with a photo lamp, walking in the fresh air and getting air baths.

If the changes are more serious, the doctor is more likely to prescribe medication.

Health to your kids!

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