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Big wheels, raincoat, basket, kids

My son will ride in the brightest, the most convenient, the most passable, the very, very transport! How our stroller was chosen – thoughts, ideas, criteria and – the result!

One of the important issues that worried me was the choice of the stroller. This is almost as important as choosing a maternity hospital. After all, you will be connected with the stroller for at least the next few months.

Therefore, I reacted to the choice of this type of transport thoroughly. Interviewed friends, read reviews on the forums, began to draw on the fact that carry children on the street, went to check out a few shops.

Online stores also did not pass by my searching gaze. It should be noted, in them the choice is often much more interesting and diverse than in live stores. But there is one drawback – do not touch, do not ride. It’s important for me.

I read, listened, watched … analyzed. And I chose important criteria for myself, by which I will choose my pram. More precisely, I divided these criteria for myself into:
1) required
2) desired but optional
3) unnecessary

So, first – the stroller was supposed to be a transformer. Who does not know, this is such a station wagon – from a cradle to a sit-down, it is also called the all-season seat – suitable for any weather. A transforming stroller saves money and takes up less space than a pushchair, plus a pushchair.

The second is that the back must be folded to the full horizontal. This is important for riding in her newborns or just not yet sedentary baby.

Third – it should not be small – i.e. one from which a child will not fall out with a random push or else.

The fourth is a reversible handle, so that the child can be face or back while moving. Having considered the options with the change of such a position, I found out that there are wheelchairs, where not the handle is thrown, but the seat is rearranged. But while you are walking down the street, in a baby carriage, it is easier to throw a handle, and not to remove and install an armchair on the chassis.

The fifth is the chassis. Wheels should be large and passable. And preferably three-wheeled or close to it – more maneuverable.

The sixth is another requirement for the handle – height. I, like a tall girl, once suffered a lot with a nemushka carriage, constantly bending down and kicking the wheels was uncomfortable to walk.

Seventh – five-point seat belts. No comments needed.

Eighth – a spacious basket. Understandably. I have to go everywhere with the child – not only on walks. But go to the same store, buy groceries. Fold the necessary items for a walk, a rug. Something else there to add. In general, the basket to be!

The ninth is a cover on the legs for winter. To crumb is not cold.

But from the optional, but pleasant bonuses were:

1. Two removable bumper. One formed from the stroller a comfortable closed cradle. In which it does not inflate from the bottom, from the side – from nowhere, because on it is straight because the fabric is sewn. The second is for an already sessile baby, for the stroller option, with a jumper made of cloth between the legs – as an additional protection against falling out.

2. Mosquito net

3. Raincoat. Imagine, he covers the whole stroller, just repeating its contours!

4. Bag for mom. Simply, by that moment I already acquired a large 3 in 1 bag, and as a kit for a wheelchair, I didn’t really need it.

5. Baby carry bag. It is also convenient to use it as a cradle for sleeping somewhere at a party, while the child is small.

6. All fabric parts are removed, and they can be put into the washer.

7. Bright, clearly visible on the road, even at dusk.

8. The fabric is water-repellent, and, by the way, the dirt from it also rolls straight.

And just my thoughts after

What else? The folding mechanism in her book, but for folding need two hands. One can not cope. This is a cons, I guess. Another minus is weight, although in principle it is average for her – 14 kg. To carry out, while the child is small, not a problem.

There is a pocket for trifles on the hood – it is convenient to stick the keys, weave, wallet, bottle, and napkins – this just fits without problems.

I am also glad that I bought a stroller before giving birth, that I was able to choose it myself – the one I need. Because, I am sure, no one would have taken this to me. Would take just a blue, for a boy, any – and all. And then I would have suffered with it.

Some still postpone the purchase of all that the baby needs, until they give birth. Omens like as. And then it turns out that they did not buy the necessary one, but the relatives picked up such that the hair is on end. And you yourself will not get out like this, you will not run away with your child.

And I love our stroller-beauty very much!

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