Главная 7 If my mother is tired: 12 ways to cheer up

If my mother is tired: 12 ways to cheer up

If my mother is tired: 12 ways to cheer up

If my mother is tired: 12 ways to cheer up

Strangely enough, but parents are also people who are tired. And if the pope can relax from domestic cares at work or go somewhere with friends, then the mothers in the decree sometimes such charms are generally inaccessible. Especially if care of a restless carapace lies only on her, there are no assistants, nannies or grandmothers.

When the hands go down and you want to cry or burrow under the blanket, so that no one touched time to take measures so that there is no emotional burnout.

Mom, as you know, there are no holidays, but if the nerves at the limit, this signal of the body can not be ignored.

We are in the editorial office UAUA.info prepared for you 12 effective ways that will help mom to cheer up and feel like a person.

Get lost. Leave all the chores at home, cooking, washing or cleaning definitely will not run away. Do not go on the Internet, put off the phone, put all the thoughts in the jars, which are swarming in your head every second. Sleep as much as possible: lie down and get up together with the child and live on his schedule for at least a week.

Lazy. If you already do not want anything, then, stress is not far off. And he comes not alone, but with his faithful Sancho Panza illnesses. Taking care of a child with a temperature is even more difficult, so to avoid getting sick, allow yourself a couple of days to be too lazy. If possible, arrange with the husband or mother that they will take the child for a couple of hours for a walk, and you lie down, watch the series or just dream in silence.