Главная 7 Ideas for congratulations and gifts for Mother’s Day 2015

Ideas for congratulations and gifts for Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day: unusual ideas for congratulations and gifts

Ideas for congratulations and gifts for Mother's Day 2015

On May 10, one of the great holidays is celebrated Mother’s Day 2015, it is on this day that each of us can sincerely say thank you! the most precious person in the world, his beloved mother.

On Mother’s Day, traditionally they speak of their love for their mother in Europe, Asia and the USA, because regardless of their place of birth, it is mother who is the guardian angel who gives us life, love and care.

Although Ukraine celebrates Mother’s Day relatively recently, the tradition of honoring the mother has a long history. In the UK Mother Sunday was celebrated since the XVII century, and thanks directly for the idea of ​​the Mother’s Day holiday we can two active American women: Julia Ward and Anna Jarvis.

One of them, pacifist Julia Ward, as early as 1872 proposed the concept of celebrating the day of unity of mothers in the struggle for peace, and in 1907, Anna Jarvis wrote letters to state institutions, legislatures and outstanding persons in the United States with the proposal to devote one day a year to the honoring of mothers . A young American woman wanted to express her love to her prematurely departed mother in this way, and, albeit not immediately, but she succeeded. In 1914, the US government announced the second Sunday in May the Mother’s Day in honor of all American mothers, and soon many other countries around the world joined the mother’s congratulations on this wonderful initiative.