Главная 7 Hypovitaminosis in children: causes and symptoms

Hypovitaminosis in children: causes and symptoms

Signs that your baby lacks vitamins

Hypovitaminosis in children: causes and symptoms

About why children develop hypovitaminosis, and how to recognize the vitamin deficiency in a child, tells the doctor a dietician-gastroenterologist Galina Nezgovorova.

In addition to the main signs of a lack of vitamins in a child, you will find out why according to studies vitamin deficiency occurs in Ukrainian children, and also what you need to do to avoid hypovitaminosis.

Hypovitaminosis in children: causes and symptoms

dietician-gastroenterologist, the highest category with a 23-year experience of practical work,

doctor of the clinic “Boris”, researcher of the State Institution “NNCRM of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”,

expert of the rubric “Поради дієтолога” Сніданка 1 + 1 “.

A healthy and balanced diet to allow yourself, alas, not all. The reasons may be different: employment, individual preferences, religion, lack of basic knowledge in this matter, availability and affordability of quality products or banal laziness.

Often, we choose refined products that, after processing, lose most of the important nutrients. Thus, we deprive our body of vitamins and minerals so necessary to it, while saturating it with harmful components of food.

Vitamin B6 deficiency : increased irritability; insomnia; dermatitis (skin lesions), paresthesia; anemia; inflammatory processes of the digestive system

Deficiency of vitamin B12 : weakness, decreased efficiency, hair loss, decreased appetite, anemia, impaired nervous system

Vitamin C deficiency : increased fatigue, irritability, development of the skeleton, increased susceptibility to colds, fragility of capillaries (bleeding)

Vitamin PP deficiency (nicotinic acid): decreased appetite, dryness and burning in the mouth; disturbance of the stool, disruption of the endocrine system, irritability, muscle pain, rashes on the skin

Deficiency of vitamin B9 (folic acid): decreased appetite, increased fatigue, decreased performance, indigestion; anemia, depression

Vitamin H deficiency (biotin): loss of appetite, depression, drowsiness, dermatitis (inflammatory skin changes), alopecia (alopecia).

Hypovitaminosis in children: causes and symptoms